When we talk about taking care of our back, people usually refer to having a bad or good posture. Leaving aside that this as such does not exist (although obviously there are postures that are healthier for the back than others), the problem really has to do with being in a chronic way with a posture.

When we talk about having a strong and healthy back, usually physical activities such as swimming or strength training (which do help to have a healthy back) are always brought to the forefront, but there are many physical activities that are recommended beyond these two.

Here are the four best sports you can practice if you want a healthy back.

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Walking is a physical activity that the vast majority of people can do, unless they suffer from a disability or a very serious injury.

Walking can be a good form of exercise for those who may have some back pain or discomfort. Although walking is a low-impact physical activity, it can increase flexibility, strengthen and improve postural health, helping you to take care of your back.

Even so, walking incorrectly or with a bad technique could aggravate certain pains, so we recommend that, first of all, you choose good footwear and avoid walking on hard ground such as concrete.


One of the most famous and most recommended exercises if you want to have a healthy back. Although it is true that people overestimate what swimming can do, this does not mean that it is not an excellent sport.

The water itself offers a resistance against muscle movement, in addition, it generates a lot of core activation, which is very important for good postural health.

Something very beneficial about swimming is that it does not generate any type of impact like jogging, so, even with a sore back, we could do this sport, as long as there is a professional supervising and helping us.


Yoga is a sport that, unlike swimming, may be undervalued. The fact that it does not generate many adaptations at a muscular level does not mean that it is not a practice that can benefit in other ways.

Yoga helps to improve flexibility, breathing patterns (very important) and endurance. There are certain postures that if we start with back pain, may not be appropriate, however, the vast majority of yoga postures, improve core activation, which causes an improvement in hygiene and postural health.


Pilates is a sports discipline that focuses on working the core, which is a set of muscles whose main function is to stabilize and support the spine.

Of course, a strong and resistant core is one of the best allies we can count on if our objective is to reduce back pain.

In addition, Pilates also aims at postural re-education, especially for those who spend a lot of time sitting.


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