There are many myths about gray hair, but there are also truths. Why do some people get gray hair at an early age, while others get gray hair at the opposite? It seems that genetics has something to do with it, and gray hair has been dyed for years because there is a false perception that it ages. However, more and more people are daring to show off their gray hair with pride.

Myth: “gray hair is associated with an increased risk of hair loss”.

It is true that gray hair makes the hair look coarser and this is due to less elasticity but greater thickness. However, the cycle of graying hair is the same as normal hair. Therefore, if there is a hair loss of concern, it will not have to do with the appearance of gray hair, but with other reasons that need to be discovered in order to be addressed.

Truth: “they usually appear in the third decade of life”.

One great truth about gray hair is that it usually appears in the third decade of life, or at least this is the norm. However, there are factors that influence their appearance, such as genetics, and that is why some people don’t have gray hair until late in life, such as their 50s.

Myth: “gray hair means I’m getting older”.

Gray hair has nothing to do with premature aging or even getting older. As we have seen, there are people who already have gray hair at a very young age. What is the reason? The loss of melanin, a natural pigment that when absent causes the hair to turn white due to the natural discoloration it undergoes.

Truth: “stress can cause gray hair”.

Sustained stress over time can cause gray hair. In addition, there are other factors that can be associated with premature graying, such as environmental pollution (…) a vitamin B12 deficiency, or autoimmune diseases such as vitiligo.

Myth: “gray hair cannot be prevented”.

It is true that there may be a percentage in which gray hair cannot be prevented, but Dr. Pastor Espinoza himself explains that a healthy diet, doing sports and avoiding harmful habits such as excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco can help delay their appearance. However, if in spite of this, gray hair appears, it is possible that there is a high genetic factor.

Truth: “gray hair can be cared for so that the hair looks beautiful”.

Despite the texture that gray hair has, it can actually be cared for. It is necessary to moisturize the hair a lot, using masks with each wash. It is also a good idea to protect them from the sun with hair sunscreens so that ultraviolet rays do not damage the hair. Then, there are special shampoos for gray hair that prevent the hair from turning yellow. This will keep gray hair healthy, soft and with the natural shine that characterizes it.

Many celebrities have started showing off their gray hair with pride in recent years. Andie MacDowell, Meryl Streep or George Clooney have shown that gray hair can be sexy, attractive and that it does not age at all. Of course, you have to take good care of them to keep them healthy and hydrated.


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