Surely you have heard the recommendation not to eat a cake or bread while it is still hot. We tell you what is true in the advice to avoid eating a freshly baked sponge cake so that it does not harm your health.

In both cakes and breads, chemical boosters or yeasts are usually used, which cause the creation of air bubbles inside the product. However, when cooking or baking these preparations, all types of yeast are completely inactivated, as well as the chemical fermentation that could take place, since it reaches its peak and stops.

That is to say, that once out of the oven, with the cake at approximately 100ÂșC or a little less, the fermentation of the dish no longer takes place, which is why it cannot continue in the body if we cannot wait for its consumption.

This argument, which is very often used to advise us not to eat a freshly baked cake, has no validity whatsoever, but is an erroneous belief, since the fermentation of a cake or bread cannot continue inside the organism even after it has been baked in the oven.

Another argument against eating a freshly baked sponge cake is that the dough rich in starch and hot, even if soft, can be very bad for our digestive system as it is difficult to digest.

However, this is also a false myth since the starch in hot and after having been cooked, without letting it cool, is easier to digest than, for example, pasta rich in starch, cooked and cooled.

Likewise, pizzas or pies that involve fermentation and have a dough very similar to that of a bread or a sponge cake, are eaten hot and do not harm the digestion of the organism in any way.

For all the above mentioned, and because there are no studies that support such advice that has been transferred from generation to generation until today, we must conclude that there is nothing wrong with eating a freshly baked sponge cake, but that it is a very widespread false myth.

As a matter of taste and aroma, it is often advisable to eat a cake that has already been cooled, as well as bread that has been cooled and rested. However, there is nothing harmful to the health of the organism; it all has to do with the tastes and preferences of each person.


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