If COVID-19 has put the world in check as it has, it is because in a not so small number of cases it can become very serious and produce severe sequelae. This is why vaccination is so important: it is these outcomes that the sera are able to reduce in a very significant proportion.

A potentially fatal disease

In fact, although we tend to think that the severe manifestations of covid are typical of older people or those with previous health problems (because it is true that they are much more common in these groups), very serious and even lethal cases have also been reported in the last two years in children and young people.

A clear example is childhood multisystemic inflammatory syndrome, a rare pediatric complication of pandemic disease, which, as explained by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), has been reported in about 7,000 children in the United States (although numerous cases are known worldwide).

In essence, it is an inflammatory reaction to infection that affects several different organs and can result in organ or multisystem failure. Symptoms include stomach pain, eye effusions, diarrhea, dizziness, skin reactions and vomiting.

It usually appears quite some time after infection (2-6 weeks), and sometimes in children who have not had severe symptoms of the virus itself, so it can be quite difficult to identify. But it can be lethal: at least 59 children have died in the USA from it.

For this reason, the evidence presented by the organization constitutes a very valuable argument in favor of vaccinating the very young: as they point out, vaccines such as Pfizer’s, with at least two doses, manage to prevent up to 91% of cases of infantile multisystemic inflammatory syndrome caused by COVID-19.


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