No more hoaxes: Harvard University website allows you to search for anything and find out if it can really cause cancer or not based on scientific studies

If there is one thing that most people have probably gone to the Internet to look for, it is symptoms of any disease to find out if they are not dying of cancer. This is basically a modern meme that never goes out of fashion, and the results of Google or any other search engine are usually a minefield.

For the average user distinguishing between what may be a reliable source and absolute bullshit is often impossible, and cancer is something we all really fear in our mortality. In these cases, the Harvard School of Public Health’s Cancer Factfinder website is a great resource worth visiting.

Since many people worry that things they come in contact with may cause cancer, they tend to turn to social networks, Internet searches, and friends or family for information. But it can be really hard to know what information is reliable and true.

That’s why Factfinder has made it its mission to provide reliable and accurate information by summarizing the best current scientific evidence in a way that the public can understand and internalize.

On the site you can browse through various categories ranging from diet and nutrition, to lifestyle and consumer products, to different occupations, to elements of the environment we are exposed to, even medical procedures and drugs.

Any search will tell you right away if something really causes cancer, if it is a lie, or if the science is still not clear.

However, the best thing about this site is undoubtedly its search engine. On Factfinder you can type in any term and immediately get the scientific explanation of why it does or does not cause cancer. Information that comes from the most recent scientific studies done on humans and available to the public.



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