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How to Protect Your Eyes this Summer

Health & FitnessHow to Protect Your Eyes this Summer

It’s all too easy to look past safety precautions and rush out to enjoy the sunshine, but this can cause health complications, so it is important to consider sun protection methods.

Skipping sun lotion and sunglasses while heading for the beach can be extremely dangerous. How exactly can you protect your eyes in the summer sun, and why should you? The below article explores and explains this.

Why Do Eyes Need to be Protected from the Sun?

The sun radiates light which emits invisible ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB.
UVA and UVB rays cause damage to the eyes and surrounding skin, which can lead to tanning, burning and other consequences.

Constant exposure without protection can increase the risk of:

  • Burned Cornea – causing severe pain and blurry vision
  • Skin Aging and Wrinkling – the skin’s connective tissue is broken down
  • Melanoma – life-threatening skin cancer
  • Carcinoma – skin cancer often detected in the skin around the eye
  • Cataracts – clouding of the lens of the eye, blurring and blocking vision
  • Damage to the Immune System – suppressing the ability of the immune system to counter the malignant transformation of skin cells

UVA rays pass through the ozone layer more easily – these are the rays our eyes are most exposed to everyday. UVB rays are known for causing severe sunburn, increasing the risk of skin cancers, such as melanoma and carcinoma.

SPF Products

SPF, also known as Sun Protection Factor, is the measure of UV radiation protection required to safeguard vulnerable skin. The higher the SPF, the more protection provided for the skin. Consider buying products that contain SPF 30-70 and remember to reapply generously throughout the day for the most effective results, especially when enjoying the pool or beach, as water can rinse off the protective layer of lotion.

UV Blocking

To protect the eyes and surrounding skin, sunglasses are made with polarized lenses which prevent exposure to harmful UV rays. These can be effective in helping to reduce the risks of long-term damage.

Investing in a high-quality pair of sunglasses is important: if they do not deliver 100% UV protection, they can do more harm than good as the pupil dilates to let more light in, in reaction to the tinted lenses. Without adequate protection, cheap sunglasses invite more damage.

For wearers of prescription glasses, discover clip on sunglasses from just-glasses.co.uk to protect the eyes and surrounding skin whilst wearing regular glasses.

Stay in the Shade

Between 10am and 4pm, and especially during midday, UV rays are the strongest and risk of sun damage is at its highest. The clearer the sky, the fewer the clouds to absorb solar energy and reduce the amount emitted through the ozone layer. Covering up or staying in the shade during these times can help to prevent long-term damage to the eyes and surrounding skin.

Taking these precautions mean that summer days can be enjoyed without worries of harming the eyes, reducing the risk of serious health complications from long-term exposure to UV rays.


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