Nature is one of the best options to promote the improvement of physical, mental and social health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Nature has these three components that make it one of the best options to promote the improvement of physical, social and mental health. Two of the latest studies published on this subject are clear: contact with nature is good for the mind and body.

Contact with nature and nutrition

Simply feeling connected to nature and green spaces can have a positive impact on well-being. A recently published study has examined the relationship between contact with nature and dietary intake.

The researchers’ findings suggest that greater contact with nature is associated with a higher and more varied intake of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, one way to promote vegetable and fruit consumption is to live near a large green area.

We are therefore entering a cycle in which if we consume more fruits and vegetables, and less meat, we will improve our health and that of the planet. By unhealthy meat consumption we mean an excess of red meat and consumption of processed meat.

Contact with nature and stress

Having a large green area next to our home, or living within that green area, invites us to go for a walk, run or practice any physical activity. However, that extra help does not occur if we live surrounded by buildings and traffic.

Many people have moved house because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The feeling of being cooped up, with little sunlight in some cases, has caused those who have been able to move to other places closer to nature.

Contact with nature benefited social health during confinement.

By being in contact with nature, stress can be better managed, and if we have less stress, we will have better physical and mental health. Open spaces also induce us to lie down with friends for a picnic or to practice some of the many physical activities that are offered outdoors.
This increases socialization and contact with others, the other leg of health: social well-being.

All of the above leads us to conclude with the same phrase we used in the first paragraph: contact with nature is good for the mind and body.


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