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Sports obsession

Health & FitnessSports obsession

Causes and consequences of sports obsession

Practicing sports on a regular basis is a healthy habit, which is recommended by health professionals. Even so, it can turn from a positive behavior into something negative. Taking care of your health is an aspect of having an excellent quality of life, but it has its fair share. This means that it is fine to pay attention to exercising, eating right and getting enough rest, but none of this should become an obsession.

When obsession sets in, any healthy habit can become dysfunctional. Health aims to increase life, but not to become a real torture in a source of problems, as happens with any addiction; family, work or friends, everything can be harmed by taking the sport out of the limits of normal to enter the disease.

Sports obsession, also called vigorexia, is the excessive use of physical activity without a healthy objective. Usually, people who are obsessed with sports do not practice it for enjoyment, but to change their body appearance.

Causes of vigorexia

In this regard, there is no single cause, as it is a complex phenomenon in which several factors are always involved. In the same way that sociocultural factors play an important role in eating disorders, something similar happens in the case of sports obsession.

The media and social networks transmit erroneous ideas about the importance of physical appearance. People who are more vulnerable can come to accept these canons and believe that they represent a reality, which awakens a need to have a body that conforms to the false trend.

On the other hand, the avoidance of negative emotions can also play a role in the origin. Sport is a pleasurable activity, so some people use it to evade their problems. This is nothing pathological, but it will become a hindrance when, because of this avoidance, daily tasks are not performed.

Consequences of sports obsession

It is not only necessary to know the causes of sports obsession, but also the consequences. That is to say, what problems derive from training in an uncontrolled manner. The best known is that it increases the probability of suffering an injury. It seems logical to think that if a person does not rest the body and trains above the possibilities, it will cause an injury.

On the other hand, vigorexia also has repercussions on nutrition. This type of person is obsessed with achieving a body appearance, which leads them to include excessive protein in their diet and this causes metabolic problems. In addition, a dangerous consequence of exercise mania is that it increases the risk of people taking anabolic substances to obtain results in a short time.

So not only is it necessary to detect the obsession with sport, but to prevent the problem from becoming chronic it is essential to act quickly. There is a solution for this situation, but to cure it, it is necessary that the athlete does his part and admits the problem.


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