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Surprising health benefits of lifting weights


Lifting weights is often associated with having a toned body or stronger muscles. It is more than that because it will help you achieve many health benefits. Lifting weights is part of strength training. You’ll achieve a healthier heart, stronger bones and joints, burn fat and have a high fitness level.

These are the health benefits you’ll gain from lifting weights.

Improves brain health

The brain ages with time like any other body part. Lifting weights helps to slow down the aging. Aerobics is a popular method useful to achieve optimum brain health. Lifting also provides similar benefits because it is part of resistance training. You’ll have a healthier brain with less risk of mental decline. You will avoid conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

Minimal depression risk

Depression is a serious psychological condition. If you feel depressed consult your doctor. Lifting weights improves your mood which counters what depression does to your mind. When you are happier, you will have more fun working out and going about your daily activities. Lifting weight is a preventive measure to get you focused and in a good mood. It is healthy for your relationships and for optimal performance at work.

Helps maintain low body fat

Lifting weights is essential to developing strong muscles. They will burn more calories than having high-fat tissue in the body. It boosts the metabolism rate during exercise and rest. You’ll have a better chance to maintain a lean body mass. High body fat leads to obesity which is a  risk of cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

It is the most effective way to build muscle

Lifting weight boosts the growth of muscle according to Chicago weight loss clinic. It increases the release of growth hormones and testosterone in the body. It will lead to better growth of muscles and tissue growth. Lifting weights is not only a way to look ripped, but to maintain a healthy muscle mass.

Lowers blood cholesterol levels

Lifting weights is a natural remedy to lowering blood cholesterol levels. If your blood cholesterol level is high, adopt an exercise plan and start lifting weights. It will help burn out the ‘bad’ cholesterol and your body can store more ‘good’ ones. Lifting weights reduces visceral fat which helps the body reduce cholesterol levels.

Attaining good cardiovascular health

Abdominal fat surrounds your vital cardiovascular organs, like the heart.  Weight lifting limits the amount of abdominal fat that your body stores. It will reduce the risk of the development of cardiovascular diseases from inflammation which leads to cardiac problems. They include heart attacks, increased blood pressure, and damage to blood vessels.

It strengthens joints and bones

You might associate lifting weights with building muscles. It also strengthens joints and bones in the process. Stong joints and bones help to maintain an athletic body to avoid fractures. You’ll have a lower risk of injury. Lifting weights is useful for rehabilitating joint and bone injuries.

Final thoughts

Lifting weights is one of the many strength conditioning exercises. It is easy and you’ll benefit psychologically and physically. Don’t worry if you think that you have to lift weight in an intensive program. You can regulate it to fit your physicality and you’ll still gain all the benefits. A long-term plan is suitable to help your body to adjust to the demands of exercising. With time, you can increase the intensity or add more strength training exercises.


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