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Florida bass fishing- A great place to bass fish during the cold winter months.

Paul Bruessow

Florida bass fishing is a great wy to spend your vacation time and enjoy plenty of sunshine especially in the colder months. The largemouth bass in Florida tend to spawn in January through April. The large Florida female bass are easier to catch at this time of year because they are in the shallow visible cover which is most sought by the avid bass fishemen. The air temperatures in Central and South Florida average in the 60's in January and gradually warm to the 80's in April. These temperatures are not only ideal for the bass, but they provide the fishermen an memorable outing on the some of the best largemouth bass waters in the country.

The lakes are relatively shallow as compared to other states, often averaging 10-15 feet deep in the center. This fact allows the avid bass fishermen a greater chance for success since they can easily probe these depths with a variety of baits such as: Texas rigged worms, flippin baits, crankbaits, spinnerbaits and jerkbaits to name a few. The shorelines often offers cover in the 2-5 foot range which is ideal for the spawnig largemouth bass.

The main structure in Florida lakes are weeds, both submerged and emergent vegetation. The submerged variations include hydrilla, coontail, and peppergrass. Although these exist primarily underwater, their upper most stalks often lay on the surface and create a canopy which is often used by the Florida bass as ambush cover. The best techniques to use to fish this type of cover is: a- Throw a rattletrap and rip it through the submereged weeds, b- Work a hard jerkbait along the outside edge of the topped out weeds with a jerk-jerk pause action, c- A topwater prop bait or Zara Spook in the pockets and edges of the canopy can bring explosive strikes.

The emergent varieties of weeds include Kissimmee grass, cattails and bulrush. This type of vegetation is great for spawning fish. Work both pockets and points with a Texas rigged worm or tube. Sight fishing these areas can be awesome. Look for sandy areas and look as far as you can from the boat as the fish on these beds often spook upon your approach. Once a fish is sihted, stay back as far as possible and toss a Texas rigged worm of tubebait beyond the bed. Work the bait into the center of the spot, and create a twitching motion on the bait by jiggling the rod tip with very small motions. Try to keep the bait in the center of the bed and if you see the line twitch or moving sideways, immediately set the hook!

Pitching and casting weedlines in the winter months is also very productive. The bass are often staging to spawn and are cruising these lines. They also may actually be bedding, but due to the depth of the beds you may not be able to see them.

So if you have the itch to fish for bass, give Florida Bass Fishing a try and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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