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Tips To Maintain The Windows In Your House


License: Creative Commons
License: Creative Commons

Windows are often the most important innate features of a house rendering it with a certain personality. Apart from providing proper air ventilations which is one of its major uses, it also contributes into optical effects of a room by the adequacy of natural light that it brings in and the spotless view it services. one often hears this being said now and then that there can never be too many windows in a house. It is absolutely necessary to get one by the entire day, even home décor people as well as interior designers have started experimenting with the various looks that a window can acquire with the help of curtains, drapes, embellishments, creeper plants and hanging mobiles to add character to the surrounding space which also naturally attracts one’s attention towards it. Having said thus it becomes a necessity to properly maintain them with utmost care and attention.

Things to Keep in Mind before Cleaning:

  1. Evenings are the best time to plan a cleaning of the windows as the weather remains more comfortable and calm after sunset. This also eliminates the possibility of any after-cleaning spots coming up like it generally happens when the sun is up.
  2. Make a list of things that you might need like a sturdy ladder, sponges in various sizes, dry clothes, brushes with soft bristles, non-ammoniated cleaners or sprays, white vinegar and rubber gloves.


  1. Always clean the insides of the windows first.
  2. Use ladder safely for high windows. Always try to avoid over-reaching.
  3. Keep a cloth spread below the window that you are cleaning to collect dirt and stray drops at one place. This helps prevent increasing the work of cleaning the floor too.
  4. Avoid using cloths washed with fabric softener to steer clear of forming stains in window panes.
  5. Never use cleaners containing ammonia or vinegar and water mixtures to clean painted, leaded or stained windows.

Steps to know :

  1. Dust both sides of the window panes as well as the exteriors first. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for the task.
  2. Use the brush to clean away sticky dirt and cobwebs.
  3. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar and use it to swipe the panes with a sponge while avoiding the frames.
  4. Use the sponge to clean in confident straight (horizontal or vertical) strokes. Do this for the entire pane.
  5. Afterwards use a dry soft cloth to wipe off after the wet sponge cleaning is done.
  6. Wipe the frames and sills with non-ammoniated solutions or cleaners.
  7. Use a different cloth to dry the frames and sills.
  8. Employ ‘The snake’ method to clean larger windows. Start from top left corner go straight horizontally right lower slightly and bring back the same way toward left. Continue this way till you reach the extreme bottom right corner.
  9. For painted window do not use detergents as they are extremely delicate. Use sponges wet in warm water to swipe and cotton swabs to dry gently.

Windows don’t need very high maintenance if proper bi-annual (as is recommended) or at the most annual cleaning is done judiciously.

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