Children with healthy diets are generally healthier, more energetic, and happier on a day to day basis. Even if every meal your kids eat is well rounded, junk food based snacks can derail the benefits of healthy eating habits. Try substituting your child’s sugary, salty, or fatty snack foods with one of these healthier yummy snack choices.

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Snack-size Oatmeal Cakes

A yummy and healthy snack for a hurried breakfast or cookie replacement is a snack-size oatmeal cake. Rolled oats, which provide energy, are used to replace most of the white flour present in many other snack cakes. These relatively healthy cakes should be eaten sparingly, as they do contain a fair amount of shortening and butter. Consider mixing in dried fruit prior to baking for an added sweet and nutritious boost.

Cran-Orange Mini Muffins

The best way to convince a picky child to eat a healthy bran or wheat flour based muffin is to make it mini and add in a sweet combination of fruit and juice. Can-orange mini muffins make a quick nutritious breakfast or sweet after school snack. Orange juice and dried cranberries mixed into the batter make the mini muffins as colorful as they are delicious.

Microwave Potato Chips

Kids love potato chips as snacks and as a part of lunch. An alternative to store-bought potato chips, which are packed with grease and salt, are homemade chips made in the microwave. Thinly sliced russet or sweet potatoes microwaved on a plate between layers of parchment paper make for crispy kid-friendly potato chips that are entirely grease-free.

Homemade Gelatin Cubes

Boxed gelatin mixes might seem relatively healthy, but homemade gelatin can be sweetened with your child’s favorite nutritious fruit juice. Instead of buying boxes of flavored gelatin desserts, purchase packets of plain gelatin. Follow the instructions on the plain gelatin and use 100% fruit juice instead of sugary flavored water.

Apple Dippers

Many of the best healthy snacks for kids combine a yummy treat and a fun activity. Apple dippers are easy to get ready for your children to enjoy, make a minimal amount of mess while being prepared and eaten, and have plenty of good nutrition. Slice apples into small pieces that easily fit on the end of a toothpick. Kids can dip the apples in yogurt, nut butter, crushed nuts, and granola. There are also plenty of teaching moments involved with this healthy snack, such as sharing and food manners.

Pretzel Wands

Another healthy snack for kids that uses fun to mask nutrition is the pretzel wand. Pretzel rods, which are somewhat healthier than potato chips, can be transformed into edible magic wands. Spread nut butter, such as peanut or almond, over the bottom inch of a pretzel rod. Kids can dip the pretzels in colorful dried fruits, crunchy nuts, and other healthy toppings to complete their wands. This healthy snack is a fantastic way to convince picky under-eaters to eat more nutritious calories than they normally would without resorting to additive laden protein supplements.

Many parents struggal value of what children eat le to swap their kids’ junk food for healthy snack alternatives. The best way to increase the nutritionbetween meals is to present healthy snacks in a fun and yummy way.

Trudy is an expert in early childhood development. She provides information that helps parents raise children to grow up as responsible adults. She works for The Growing Tree Academy in Houston, Texas.


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