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Make the Right Choices for Your Front Door, and Let It Reflect Your Personality


First impressions count; whether that is the impression you make in an interview or the impression you give to visitors to your home. Though windows are often considered to make the first impression on visitors, and caring for your windows deserves an article of its own, when you have a visitor, they will invariably spend time at your front door and will subconsciously be making all kinds of decisions about you because of it. If the impression you make is to be a true reflection of your identity and personality, you need to make the right choice for your front door, remembering that it needs to be practical as well as personal.Here are a few pointers to make sure you have the front door that is perfect for you.

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Yes size does matter; your door needs to be big enough to handle any, and all, traffic that is likely to use it, but a door that is too big for your property will make you and your property look too grandiose; and in the same way, choosing a door that is too small will make you seem meek, which is also to be avoided. There are standard door sizes that most builders use, but I believe you should stretch these to the limit, as it makes for a confident bold front that will impress most people.


Not all doors are rectangles, and experimenting with the shape of a door is a sure way to put your personality into it. Older buildings can look magnificent with an arched doorway, but a modern building could also benefit from a juxtaposition of new and old. Circular and semicircular doors are also a great choice and will bring a smile to most visitor’s faces; giving you a slightly eccentric and humorous appearance. Of course, you can let your imagination create all kinds of wondrous door shapes, but remember… this has to be a door.


An exterior door needs to be much sturdier than an interior door, so you should not use anything that cannot withstand the elements and a certain amount of wear and tear. The usual choice is wood; and an excellent choice it is. Unfortunately, wood requires maintenance, and that is why some people prefer fibreglass composites, which need very little maintenance and can often look unbelievably like wood. Another popular choice is steel, and a door made from steel is less expensive, and can have better insulating qualities than wood or fibreglass. However, their lifespan is shorter, and though they can be bought for their insulating properties, the wrong choice can have the opposite effect. You may choose your material because it is practical, environmentally friendly, or even because of expense, but choose carefully as this is not something you can fix without another purchase.


As much as anything else, the door’s furniture will reflect your personality; and though you will want it fitted by a professional, the choice is yours alone. Fitting solid brass handles and aged locks will give a completely different impression to the modern biometric locks fitted by mertolocks.co.uk; so whether you want to give the impression of a traditionalist or a technologically savvy modern man, you can use your door furniture to show the world exactly who you are.


This is the real choice that will tell people about your personality. From pristine solid colours painted in a high gloss, to traditional wood stains that show the deep grain of a Mahogany door, finishes come in all colours and patterns. Psychologists will tell you that your choice of colour reflects your personality, and that is doubtless true; but don’t let that stop you putting your whole self into your door, and experimenting with patterns as well as colours and finishes.

The combination of these door choices will speak volumes about you as a person; and so they should. Your front door should not just say “Welcome to my home” it should say “Welcome to my world… this is me”.


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