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Three Things You Need for the Ultimate American Back Yard


Let’s face it, there is nothing more American than a Fourth of July Barbeque in your back yard. Kids running around with sparklers, fireworks, and a great big Texas sized steak sizzling on the grill for you and all of your guests. Not only do you want to show off your skills at the grill, but you also want to give your guests an experience, which they will be talking about for some time to come.

In order to create the ultimate back yard experience, there are some things you need. First of all, a large pad of grass, while great for playing soccer or football, is not going to cut it, so if that is what your backyard currently features you are going to have to step up your game. After all when you live in Dallas you need to do things the Texas way.

American backyard

Heated Swimming Pool

It is a classic all American suggestion, and great entertainment for your kids and their friends. Not to mention it is a great place to relax and unwind after a long day at the office, or a great place to get some exercise.

Every time I offer this suggestion someone always says, “It is so much work to own a pool.” The real truth is it is only as much work as you make it. Hire one of the many Dallas pool service providers, for example Carefree Solutions, who will look after all of your pool maintenance needs at an affordable rate. Pools are a lot of work? Myth busted.

Outdoor Kitchen

Limiting your backyard culinary experience to a simple barbeque is the furthest thing from a modern solution. The new trend is to install a second kitchen, in your backyard. Outdoor kitchens range from simple to complicated setups, which rival their indoor counterparts. At the very least a rotisserie, stove, and deluxe built in barbeque setup should be enough to keep the neighbors envious for sometime to come.

You can kick the experience up a notch by adding an outdoor bar to the experience. After all a bar does go nicely next to the pool, and is a great space for entertaining your neighbours while the kids splash about in the backyard. With an outdoor kitchen and entertaining space you will be the coolest parent on the block, both in the eyes of the kids and your neighbours.

The Campfire Experience

This final suggestion is the most budget conscious way to enhance your backyard. For the do it yourself homeowner some nice patio blocks from the local hardware store, and a few outdoor benches will get you started. All that is left to do is head to the woods to chop some firewood. Of course if you want to take the setup up a notch you can always install a gas fire pit.

Of course if you are not ready to invest heavily there are other ways to please the guests. Here are 6 great back yard ideas to make your next backyard barbeque party an experience to remember.


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