To use a very tired cliché: dogs are man’s best friend. They’re loyal and intelligent. Cats are quite intelligent – although not as much as dogs – but they aren’t loyal at all. To be honest a cat wouldn’t mind if you left it forever, as long as you provided food. Dogs rule. If you have a dog though, you must look after it properly. A sad dog is not a nice dog to be around. For one, you will start feeling guilty and it will upset you. But also, some dogs, when they get bored and unhappy they can lash out and turn nasty – you see this a lot with highly intelligent breeds, like Collies. I’m going to take you through a list of ways you can make sure that your dog is the happiest little pooch that has ever lived.

There are three ways to your dog’s heart. Number One:


If you’ve ever had a dog, you know what an effect this one word can have on them. Even as I’m typing it my dog is starting to get excited. If a dog has been stuck inside for a few days you will notice a massive difference in the way they act. They will sleep the whole time and they won’t respond to you trying to play with them. It’s the dog equivalent of depression. Taking them for walks keeps them fit, it allows them to interact with other dogs, but most importantly it enables them to smell something new. Dogs love to smell. Taking them somewhere new and letting their noses go crazy will improve their mood no end. Walking and smelling go paw in paw in a dog’s world.


At zoos they call it enrichment. It’s when they give the lions a climbing frame, or when they hide apples in the monkey enclosure for them to find. The dog equivalent is toys. It keeps them occupied and a lot of the time it gives them something to chew that isn’t you’re beautiful Italian designed dining furniture. It keeps dogs happy and so should be cherished. Just be careful that you don’t give them something that they can swallow or choke on. Big dogs have different toys to little dogs; remember that.


This is the easy one. Attention. Unlike other animals, most dogs’ only purpose in life is to be close to you and have your attention. That’s why they sit on your lap, try to sleep on your bed and cry when you leave them. It is one of the true forms of unconditional love in this world and so make sure you earn that love. Let your dog be near you. Praise it when it’s good and give it the odd treat. It’s that simple.


Sometimes dog’s want pampering just like humans. Think about giving them a “spa day”. We love our spa days, and so do dogs! You can help your dog relax by giving them extra special treatment within your home. Try giving them a nice warm bath, trim their nails, and moisturize their paws with some paw balm (some great recommendations here).

Happy Dog: Happy Owner

It really is this simple to keep a dog happy. I would like to throw in that you shouldn’t leave them on their own too long as they can develop mental issues like ‘Separation Anxiety’. If you need any help, then websites like My Pawson could prove invaluable. Look after your dog as they’re only here for a limited time. There’s an internet quote that circulates quite a lot and it states that dogs are only a small part of your life, whilst you are their whole world. Respect that.


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