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The fun of having garden gnomes


The concept of Garden Gnomes is pretty old and the people used to think that the gnomes would be lucky garden keeper and would bring in good harvest for the garden they kept. But in course of time these gnomes have become a kind of fashion for bringing in some form of fun in the garden. The Garden Gnomes are made figuratively and in bright colors so as to attract the views of the visitors. Since its appearance somewhere in the 1800 the gnomes had come and faded away many times in the past. The present reappearance of the gnomes in many gardens gives the impression that the fashion is going to last for many more years.

The modern incarnations of the Garden Gnomes

The Garden Gnomes are traditionally made as males wearing tan trousers, red hats and shirts in green colors. The trend of the modern day outlook is to go for the retro. The present gnomes have been so elevated to the position of icons of pop cultures. Even though the trend had been the retro culture but still experimentations with the gnomes are continuing incorporating gnomes in bikinis, polka dots, plaids and even with the faces of renowned personalities of the day.

Garden gnomes

Balanced approach

The Garden Gnomes can be funny but at the same time it may also damage the beauty and serenity of your garden if you have not selected the gnomes cautiously. In the older days the gnomes were put as garden keepers and that was their superstition. They had not much botheration for the beauty of the garden. Their main emphasis was on the big harvest which they believed that the gnomes would bring in. But the present day gardeners have beauty as the main emphasis behind the erection of the gnomes. So choosing the gnomes for your garden has to be done after making a theme for your garden. You may like to have a tender and caring look, prankish and playful ambience or a liberated look. Accordingly you are to select the Garden Gnomes so that the theme is reflected through their employment.

If you have a naughty approach there are gnomes available in the market that seems to have prinked straight from the originals. One gnome named bubble blowing gnome lowers the dipstick into the solution and then while releasing the bubble does the same from his back. The gentle man within you won’t like to light candles to see these naughty things. The squatting gnomes also perform many such naughty things which should be done in privacy. There are also gnomes having less exhibitionistic behaviors. Such gnomes will ride on the shoulder of the fellow gnome and bury the compatriot in the grass with the help of its weight. Flasher Garden Gnomes are there which should be put with their back towards the public.

Gnome fear

In spite of being so funny the gnomes also arouse a kind of fear among the people known as gnomophobia. The charming ever smiling Garden Gnomes that look so funny can cause immense fear too. This phenomenon is not supported by the Psychiatric Associations but there is no denying of the fact that this is prevalent among large portion of the population of the society. All such factors will be their but still the garden gnomes are going to stay forever in spite of its temporary withdrawal from time to time.


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