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4 Ways to Breathe Life Back into Boring Barbeques


Market research figures show that 18.5 million adults in the UK own a barbeque, and that they will hold several barbeques each summer. If you are one of this incredibly large club, why not take a step outside of the safety zone of the barbeques we all seem to have this year? Adding something different to your barbeque will make it more interesting and fun for your guests, and will hopefully encourage them to do the same. Here are some ideas that will help you turn your barbeque into the benchmark for friends and neighbours.

Party barbeque


Themes are not only a great idea for a party; a themed barbeque is also an excellent idea; and a way to give your barbeque a bit more life. You could go the traditional route and have guests dress as cowboys or Aussie farm hands, but why not go a bit more international and have a Chinese or Vietnamese barbeque? Taking the idea even further, you could try a toga barbeque or a movie based barbeque. All of these ideas are fun, and will be a sure fire hit at your barbeque. Let your imagination run riot, but make sure all your guests join in with your theme.


Games are not just for the kids at a barbeque, adults can have just as much fun. There are some great inflatable sports options for hire, which can be played individually or as teams; and obstacle courses and battle sticks are great fun to watch as well as play. Or you could just organize tug of war matches and three legged team races. The games don’t really matter as long as you can get everybody to join in, and to be honest, the sillier the better.


Most barbeques tend to have the same food, so here is somewhere you can experiment a little. Carrying on from a theme, you could try food from different areas or ages, and can go from the exotic to the ancient. You don’t have to completely change from barbeque grub, and you could order some grass fed beef online by the good grub people; who will deliver to your door and let your guests try something a little different. Barbeques tend to be a bit boring when it comes to the food, which is a shame when the idea is to gather together for the food There are many different BBQ recipe ideas available, and alternative salads, meats and snacks are easy enough to find, so experiment a little to spice up your barbeque.


Instead of playing music at your barbeque, why not ask your guests to be the entertainment? Karaoke is incredibly popular, so people are used to singing in public; though I would suggest going a little further. Ask guests to bring instruments they can play, and make impromptu bands from the guests. This is a great way to get people together to have fun; and winding down a barbeque with friends and family singing a favourite song, accompanied by a guitar or two, is a memory many will cherish in the future. Let your guests know the plan ahead of time and organize prizes for the best singer or entertainer. You could have budding magicians and jugglers queuing up to be part of the entertainment

Barbeques can be great fun, but they can also seem boring and formulaic. Use these tips this year, and turn your barbeque into an occasion.


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