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3 Ways to Make Home Maintenance and Management More Convenient


As a homeowner with a large house and/or estate, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve and better take care of your home and yard, and rightfully so, considering the importance of the homestead to you and your family’s wellbeing and enjoyment.

You want a lot of nice things around the house, and you want those things to stay looking nice, but at the same time you’d like to simplify the hassle of tediously maintaining the castle you’ve worked so hard to construct.

Home maintenaince and management

If you’ve had similar thoughts, keep reading to learn about three ways you can make the smaller things more convenient.

1. Install Automatic Window Actuators

If your home has multiple levels and uses folding windows, installing automatic window actuators and regulators is a great way to take some of the burden out of manually cranking an old-fashioned actuator by hand and waiting a good 5-20 seconds for the window to fold out or close all the way. Imagine having to go around your house and manually actuate 10 or 15 windows. That’s one of the reasons many people choose not to install folding windows that require a manual actuator/cranking mechanism.

But what if you want that style of window but you don’t want to spend 10 minutes actuating windows open every time you want a cool cross breeze in your living room. After all, fold out windows and other window configurations that utilise actuators are more effective at protecting the interior of the home even while in the fully open position. To see an example of what can be done with window actuators in the home, see the descriptions at tealproducts.com for examples.

2. Install Easily Cleanable Floors

When you have a big house with a lot of floor space that is carpeted, keeping the carpets free of germs, dust and debris is a full-time job and a pesky one at that, especially if you have children or pets, or are outdoors inclined.

First, you have to take your shoes off, or wipe them vigorously on a welcome mat, before you can even step onto the carpet, and there’s always a feeling that the slightest spill or patch of mud stuck to a shoe could necessitate a carpet cleaning or vacuuming, both of which are far less convenient than simply sweeping and mopping a hard floor lined with an easily cleanable surface like hardwood, linoleum, or tile.

3. Get a Robotic Floor Cleaner

Finally, now that you have an easy way to get fresh air in and your floors are super easy to clean, your next step to a more convenient home management routine is to bravely join the futuristic (but usually more productive) crowd, and get a robotic floor cleaner.

There are two obvious benefits provided by robotic floor cleaners: For one, you get to pretend you’re on an episode of The Jetson’s. Secondly, you won’t have to get off the couch to pick up those pesky crumbs of miscellaneous garbage that tend to necessitate a routine sweeping and mopping in every home.

While the above three steps are by no means an all-inclusive guide to automating a home, they can do a lot to take care of the minor annoyances that the owners and caretakers of large homes deal with an a regular basis.


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