Rust is possibly the single worst thing that can happen to your car or truck. As the metal corrodes, it can leave unsightly marks and weak points, which can, over time, even turn into nasty holes. Once rust has taken hold, often all you can do is replace entire pieces of bodywork, which can actually be more expensive than it is worth. In many instances, the only thing you can really do is scrap the car or truck, because it will not be usable and will have little or no resale value except for parts.

Rusted car

When is Rust Most Likely to Occur?

Rust can occur whenever metal isn’t properly protected, but on cars, it happens most when salt is present. Salt speeds up the process of corrosion, so people who regularly drive on roads that have been salted for ice, or who live or drive near the ocean where there is salt in the air, need to take more precautions than other car owners to make sure that rust doesn’t take hold on their vehicles. Remember that rust doesn’t just happen on the bodywork – the underside of your car, things like rims on wheels, and even the things under the hood can all fall prey to rust if you don’t keep them clean and protected.

Why is Cleaning Your Car Such an Important Thing When it Comes to Preventing Rust?

We all like to keep our vehicles clean so they look good, but it is also one of the most important basic things you can do to prevent rust. Washing your car will get rid of any salt or other corrosive substances, making rust less likely to occur. You should wash your car every two weeks if you don’t drive in salty conditions, and increase this to once a week if you live by the ocean or it is winter and salt is being used on nearby roads. As well as cleaning the car, you should also clean the engine and other parts under the hood a few times a year.

In addition to washing your car very regularly, you should also apply a new coat of wax every couple of months. This protects the paint work, which is your car’s first line of defense against corrosive materials.

Other Protective Measures to Take

As well as waxing, you can add protective coatings to other parts of your car in the form of sprays and things like Plasti-Dip, which is a kind of protective paint that comes in different colors. You can Plasti Dip rims and other metal parts that are not painted, and use protective sprays on the underside of the car or in places under the hood. Another thing to bear in mind is that any scratches or bits of paint that have been chipped off need to be repainted as quickly as possible, before rust can set in on the exposed metal.

Keeping your car clean and protected is the best way to prevent rust on your vehicle day to day.



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