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Perks of Penthouse Living


Are you considering renting or buying a luxury penthouse. Penthouse living brings numerous benefits that make it well worthwhile. If you are wondering about life in a penthouse, consider these perks.

Contemporary Lifestyle That Brings Status

The penthouse has the finest appliances, location, view and floor plan in the complex. These homes are packed with luxury finishes and amenities, with everything from spa-like bathrooms to gourmet, luxury kitchen appliances. They may even have their own pools, private entrances and spacious outdoor living areas. This provides a contemporary lifestyle and immediate status in the eyes of others for the penthouse dweller.

Perks of penthouse living

Great Locations

Penthouses tend to be located in major cities that are considered economic hubs and at the top floors of their buildings, with floor-to-ceiling windows common. This provides a panoramic view of the city beyond the building, and this sets the stage for an exceptional lifestyle. Some penthouses even feature more than one story to add space and additional views to the home. The location also makes it easy to enjoy restaurants, shopping and business opportunities in the community in which the penthouse lies.

Luxury Amenities in the Complex

The luxury finishes in the penthouse are just the start of its perks. The community itself also offers several perks. Apartment communities that offer penthouse suites are typically luxury apartment communities. This means that amenities, like concierge services, pet parks, gyms, community lounges and other luxury amenities. The penthouse occupant has access to all of these.

Additional Privacy

When the penthouse is located at the top of the building, it affords additional privacy to the occupant. With no neighbors living above you, you don’t have to worry about noise or nosey neighbors. Many communities have private entries for their penthouse occupants, as well as additional security. This provides a measure of privacy that is hard to find in the city or in an apartment community.

Is the penthouse lifestyle for you? Find out by scheduling a few showings of penthouses in your area. You just might find that the many perks of penthouse living makes it a great fit for your needs and tastes.


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