There are many ways you can make your home more environmentally friendly, some are quick and simple whilst others are much more intensive. Below we have listed 5 ways in which you can make your home (and yourself) more eco friendly, some of which are quick and simple whilst others are much more long term.

Plant a Garden

The best way to bring more nature onto your property is by planning your very own garden, whether or not you choose to include produce is up to you. Having a vegetable garden right at the tips of your fingers can not only make you more down to Earth, but after a while it might help reduce your grocery bills in the long run. Checking to see which vegetables thrive in your area is easily done, and seeds can be bought almost in any home improvement store. If you live in an urban area and are restricted for space, there are many creative ways you can make your own city garden. A flower garden is just as rewarding, as long as you place them somewhere that you and others can enjoy them.

Eco-friendly house

Hang Some Birdfeeders

You may not even be aware that so many birds live everywhere until you hang up your first bird feeder. This is a fun way to invite a little more excitement onto your property, as it can be a thrill to watch from anywhere in your home as all the colorful birds come to snack throughout the day. However, depending on where you live, you might need to strategize where you place the feeder so that walkways and hard to clean surfaces don’t become a bird’s droppings wasteland. If you’re feeling creative you could make your own birdfeeders using eco friendly organza bags. This way you can also research what types of nut, seed and dried fruit certain birds prefer so you can try and attract them.

Compost Food

Composting food is an exceptional way to help your garden grow, especially if you have a flowerbed or vegetable garden. This can be easily done by placing a compost bin outside your home for the biodegradable foods that are separated from the rest of your trash. It might take some time getting used to doing, but this is a very viable way to help the planet and your backyard at the same time. You will be especially pleased at the results you’ll get!

Plant a Tree

If you have some open space in your front or backyard, planting a tree is an ideal way to create a more eco-friendly environment. Aside from making your property look better and more inviting, planting a tree can also attribute to oxygen production which is always a great thing to put into action. There are many different kinds of trees out there, and depending on what sort of climate you live in it could be fun to have a couple of fruit trees at the tips of your fingers. Before planning a tree, just be sure to consult your local nursery to see what type would do best in your area and how to help it stay healthy and grow.

Practice Recycling

The easiest and most popular way to help our planet is to practice recycling. Although many places cities, and offices already promote doing so it can be easy to get off track when at home. If you don’t already have a recycling bin in your home, it would make a difference to your local community. Recycling has many benefits to the environment (as less waste will go to landfill sites and incinerators) and more will go back into production of new products.


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