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5 Things to Consider When Installing a Steam Shower

Home & Family5 Things to Consider When Installing a Steam Shower

A steam shower is one addition to your bathroom that certainly enhances its appeal and its value. A steam shower provides a relaxing space for enjoying the psychological and physical benefits of steam, and the shower is a valuable addition to a modern, inviting bathroom. If you are considering maximising the bathroom with a steam shower, make sure you also consider these issues that could affect the success of the project.

1. You Need to Contain the Steam

A steam shower simply won’t work to best effect if all the steam is lost to the bathroom. Instead of a steam shower you have more of a steam room. By far the easiest way to ensure that all the steam is kept within the shower cubicle is to install a complete steam shower unit that includes the surrounding glass enclosure as well as a seat inside the shower and a well-fitting door to keep it steamy inside. If you do not fit a complete unit and instead are upgrading your existing shower, make sure that you install the correct door and a glass panel above so the steam is contained, and a water-tight shower stall below.

Steam shower

2. It Needs to Be Relaxing

Remember that a steam shower is not only for getting washed before you go to work. You’re also going to want to relax using the steam setting for more than a few minutes – and you probably don’t want to be standing up all that time. Steam showers such as these on http://www.jtspas.co.uk/steam-showers-2158-c.asp have fitted benches or seats so you can sit back, close your eyes, and take in the steam. Make sure your shower has somewhere to sit, or you purchase a removable seat that you can take into the shower when you are enjoying a steam session.

3. Can You Keep the Bathroom Steam Free?

As much as you love to steam in the shower at the end of the day, you don’t want your bathroom to be so damp that the fog hardly clears, creating problems with wallpaper and wood fittings. Install a new exhaust fan in the bathroom to clear steam that gets released when you open the door to the shower, or make sure that there is adequate ventilation in the form of windows or skylights.

4. Check for Anti-Slip Features

Whenever steam and water are involved, make sure that slip and trip hazards are kept to a minimum. When you are stepping into and out of a shower you need anti-skid flooring or treads to keep your grip. Also include handles inside the shower unit so you can easily get up out of a seat or stand up to adjust the controls.

5. Do You Want Extras?

When you are investing in a steam shower, look at what you can get to enhance the investment – facilities for adding music, light, and scent to the shower, for example an aromatherapy facility or an Mp3 player attached to speakers in the shower. You should aim to create a truly relaxing and inspiring place, and it is worth investigating the extras you can find for the shower.


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