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6 Reasons Why You Need to Install Outdoor Lighting

Home & Family6 Reasons Why You Need to Install Outdoor Lighting

Don’t leave your house in the dark – outdoor lighting brings many benefits. If you’ve been focused on designing the interior of your home, turn your attention to the exterior to see how strategically placed lighting can create a striking impression. Find out why you need to turn the lights on outside, and what benefits good outdoor lighting can bring.

1. Create a Beautiful Impression at Night

You can have the loveliest garden and the best brickwork in the neighbourhood but nobody’s going to see it at night unless you light the front of your house. If you’ve spent time and money brightening up the exterior of your property, don’t waste the effect at night. Some cleverly placed outdoor lights help brighten and beautify your house morning, noon and night.

2. Increase the Value of Your Home

A well-lit home that looks cared-for and impressive also looks more valuable. You could raise the profile of your home when you are selling by spending a little money on some outdoor lights. If you want to develop a lighting plan on a budget, consult a professional electrician and buy your supplies from electrical wholesalers to keep costs down.

Outdoor lightning

3. Deter Burglars and Vandals

Many crimes such as burglary and vandalism are committed on the spur of the moment. Deter opportunist criminals by lighting your house well. A thief will be more intimidated by a house protected with motion-sensor lights and bright spotlights in the back yard than a home that is in the dark all night. Good quality lighting generally discourages criminals and kids who may be thinking of vandalism.

4. Make Your Paths Safer

Light directed at the pathways leading to your door keeps you safer, particularly in the winter time. You don’t need to worry about tripping over something you can’t see, or walking off the path into the flower bed. Guests who are not familiar with the layout of your garden will also be safer when they can see where they are going.

5. Create a Great Landscaping Impression

Strategically placed lights will make a focal point of areas in your garden that you want to show off. Outdoor lighting can be subtle for highlighting plants and water features, or bolder when you want to use light as a garden style statement.

6. Improve Your Entertaining

When it’s a warm summer’s night it’s lovely to eat outside in the garden or on the patio, but not so great when you can’t see what you’re eating. Light directed outside to the eating area creates a welcoming, functional space and increase the opportunities you have for al fresco entertaining. You can also use lights deeper in the garden to highlight spaces where people can sit on a bench, enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the lawn, or find their way to the summer house. You don’t have to have a huge garden to benefit from increased lighting for entertainment purposes.


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