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Personal Injury Claims: What Can I Do If I Am Injured in the Beauty Salon?


You should be safe and secure when you are having your hair cut, your eyebrows waxed, or a fake tan applied. The beauty salon experience should be fun and relaxing. But sometimes, something goes wrong and you have a bad beauty experience. If you have been injured or suffered skin or hair damage after visiting the salon, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Here’s what you need to consider.

What Type of Injury Did You Suffer?

Different types of injury can occur in the salon, depending on the procedure you are having. You could suffer burns to the scalp or the skin on the face, caused by chemicals or equipment that was too hot. The wrong chemicals could cause an allergic reaction to skin on the scalp or face. You could be cut by scissors or razors, or you could lose hair due to a problem with the chemicals or the process the hairdresser used to carry out the treatment. You could make a cosmetic surgery claim if you were undergoing a chemical peel, or a cosmetic procedure like Botox, and you experienced an injury because of this.

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Why Did the Injury Happen?

In order to make a claim for compensation the injury must have been caused by someone else’s negligence. For example, if a hairdresser is not properly trained and this results in injury, or they fail to carry out the proper safety tests and procedures and this causes harm to the customer, this could result in a claim. Other forms of negligence include using products that are past their use-by date or are contaminated, or equipment that has not been properly sterilised.

Procedure for Making a Cosmetic Surgery or Beauty Claim

If you feel that you could make a claim for an injury sustained in the beauty salon or as a result of a cosmetic surgery procedure, the first thing to do after getting the appropriate medical help is to consult a specialist solicitor, like http://shireslaw.com. A solicitor will be able to tell you whether your claim is likely to be accepted, and also the next steps you will take if you do decide to pursue a claim.

If you can, make sure you keep evidence of the injuries you sustained such as photographs, and evidence from doctors’ appointments and the results of medical tests. If there are any witnesses to the damage caused to your hair or your body, take their details in case you need to get in touch with them for their opinions. Record anything the salon owner or the beautician said after the injury occurred, and write down if they apologised for causing the injury or if they said it was their fault. The more information you can collect and keep relating to your claim, the better. You may be able to use the information as the claim is processed.


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