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The Facts about Energy Efficient Windows

Home & FamilyThe Facts about Energy Efficient Windows

If you’re replacing the windows in your home, it’s time to buy new windows that will offer you benefits and help you save money. Knowing some of the facts about energy efficient windows can help you to be an educated consumer armed with knowledge and confidence to make the right purchase for your home. Let’s look at some facts you should remember as you look online or speak with sales representatives who want to sell you their brand of window.

  1. The benefits of using energy-efficient replacement windows will reward your family budget with savings and your family with a comfortable environment. You will get some of the following benefits when you buy double glazed windows or triple glazed windows to install in your home:
    1. Energy bills that are smaller
    2. A reduced carbon footprint
    3. A much more comfortable home environment that reduces the amount of heat you lose through your windows
    4. Fewer cold spots and draughts throughout your home
    5. Added insulation that keeps heat in and cold air out; the noise pollution that comes in from outside your home will also be reduced
    6. A reduced level of condensation that builds up inside your windows.
  2. Efficient glazing works due to an insulated barrier within the window that retains the heat inside your home. Double glazing uses two pieces of glass whilst triple-glazing has three pieces of glass; just because you have more pieces of glass doesn’t make the window more energy efficient. Check the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) rating which will give you an independent rating of how the window will perform.
    Glass door
  3. What should you look for when buying UPVC windows? Check the energy rating of the glass that is used in the window. What gas is used in the gaps between the pieces of glass? Also look for pane spacers that use no metal.
  4. Modern windows are environmentally friendly, have excellent locking systems and help make your home much more secure.
  5. Good-quality, energy-efficient windows will come with a warranty that will help protect your investment. Look for a reputable supplier that has years of experience and is very knowledge about the brand of windows that they offer.
  6. Energy-efficient windows are constructed from materials that also offer you more protection for your home. Quality windows will have been tested by SBD (Secured by Design) which means that they are recommended for use when enhanced security is needed. With excellent fittings, energy efficient widows can be another way to protect your home and your belongings from damage or theft.

When you combine energy efficiency with quality and exceptional craftsmanship you are sure to be pleased with your new windows.


  1. It’s nice to know that energy efficient windows can also offer a good degree of protection. I’m interested in looking for something like that for my home because I want to make sure that my family is protected from harmful UV rays. We all have sensitive skin so I’m worried that too much sunlight coming into our home would be problematic.


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