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Why housebuilders are choosing bi-folding doors

Home & FamilyWhy housebuilders are choosing bi-folding doors

The UK’s 2015 housebuilding activity is set to top last year’s high figures, according to recent reports released this month.

Between the start of January and the end of August a massive 106,887 new homes were registered, which is over 10,000 more than the same period in 2014.

While the National House Building Council (NHBC) has not given a definitive prediction in regards to how many they expect to be built, some experts say that this could be our strongest spell in quite some time.

Bi-folded doors

How does this relate to the windows and doors industry?

Quite simply, more homes equals more windows and doors.

This particular news, however, goes much further than that: whereas UK-based housebuilders would previously want patio models installing, many are now opting for bi-folding units instead.


There are several reasons for the above. Today we are outlining five of them:

  1. Appearance

With an elegant, streamlined and sleek appearance, bi-folding doors really are the perfect choice for those wanting an aesthetically pleasing option. These do not just benefit the people living in the property, but also impress anyone who visits.

  1. Lifestyle

As they typically have a 90% opening, bi-folding models are ideal for family living. The units allow homeowners to come in and out as they please, as well as move large items of furniture between the indoors and garden if necessary.

  1. Efficient

Bi-folding doors, particularly aluminium ones, often feature the very best thermal efficiency levels currently on the market. In addition to lessening your carbon footprint, this can also help to ensure that those seemingly ever-increasing energy bills do not continue to rise.

  1. Demand

Perhaps the most obvious reason for housebuilders to choose them over patio doors is demand – due to several (if not all) of the above reasons, property owners throughout the country are now voluntarily requesting/purchasing the latest bi-folding models.

  1. Security

Though appearance, ease of use and thermal efficiency are all key benefits, security should always come first with windows and doors – they are, after all, there to protect both you and your family. High quality bi-folding units fortunately take this fully into account, and protect their frames with safety measures that are wholly recommended by local and national police forces.

Industry leaders such as Clear View can design, manufacture and install a wide range of domestic and commercial bi-folding doors to homeowners and housebuilders based anywhere in the UK.

Paying close attention to each of the five points outlined above, this particular Huddersfield-based company has an enviable reputation for producing fantastic products. They then couple this with an unrivalled level of customer service that is delivered by fully trained and qualified engineers.

Primarily specialising in aluminium windows and doors, Clear View also use their expertise to manufacture roofing systems and lanterns. In a similar fashion to every single one of their other products, these are made using the very latest engineering technology and best practice.


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