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Use your concrete garage roof to reduce your water bill

Home & FamilyUse your concrete garage roof to reduce your water bill

In the current economic climate, people are being urged to save money where they can, pick up any bargains and do not pay out for unnecessary luxuries. Inevitably, during this period, people start looking at their household bills, electric, gas and water and try to make cuts where applicable.

However did you know that investing in our concrete garage roof could help you save around £5-£10 every year on your water bill?

Concrete garage roof

If you have a free standing garage then you will either have a pent, apex or flat roof protecting the contents inside. Depending on whether you have guttering on your concrete garage, you may have noticed during heavy rain that copious amounts of water pours off the roof onto the grass or pavement below. Alternatively, the rain water could be forced through the gutters and down the downpipe, shooting out at the bottom.

All this water could however be reused during the dry summer months if it was collected in a number of water butts by the side of your garage. Should you wish to make the most of this excess water, you may need to make changes to your roof as well.

Pent roofs are a cost effective way of adding superb drainage capabilities to your garage, as they slope from the front to the rear at about a 5 degree angle. This slope ensures all water runs off the back of the garage, so adding guttering here to collect the rain water would be a beneficial addition. Your downpipe could be positioned on either side of the garage and strategically placed water butts stored behind the garage can collect most of the water.

Apex roofs are also effective at draining water from the roof, but whereas pent roofs would only require guttering at the back, apex roofs would need gutters on both sides. This will collect larger amounts of water and, if you have two water butts, will be able to store over 500 litres of water for use in the garden.

According to UK water providers, every time you use your hose or sprinkler, it costs around 30p, with watering the flowers by watering cans costing anything between 1p and 3p. Water butts come in a range of different sizes with the average size starting at 250 litres which will be enough water to fill a standard watering can (5l) around 50 times. So from using a butt that is full to empty you will be saving around £1 on average. Obviously the butt will fill up more than once during the year.

Now, the cost of a new roof, guttering and water butts is obviously more than £1 but should there be hosepipe bans again you will still be able to water your plants and keep your grass green. With warmer weather expected in the summer of 2014, your garden may require more watering which makes the value of having a water butt even higher.

Water butts and guttering are just one way in which your concrete garage could help you save money on your household bills. In the long run, you may never need to use a tap to hose your garden as you will be able to use the collected rain water instead.

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