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3 Common Expenses You May Reduce


There are some expenses that you simply cannot get rid of, and a few of them can be quite costly. However, there are some expenses that can be reduced by using certain tactics. Below are a three of the most common expenses that people have and a few ideas on how you may reduce them.

1. Groceries

Whether you are an individual or a part of a large family, groceries should be an expense that you consider in your household budget. In fact, using more groceries than eating out is a money saver in itself, but there will be more detail on that later. To aid in reducing your grocery costs, there are a few things you can do:

  • Make a list before you go and stick to it

  • Do not go to the grocery store hungry to avoid “shopping with your stomach”

  • Utilize coupons and discounts on bulk purchases

By implementing these tips you can save quite a bit of money on your groceries while getting more for your money.

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2. Dining Out

Eating out for lunch is a common money drain. Even with meal deals, the average lunch ranges between five to ten dollars, averaging twenty-five to fifty dollars a week, and one hundred to two hundred dollars a month. At an average of one to two dollars a meal, a packed lunch can save you quite a bit of money. By the same token, cooking dinner costs a fraction per person than dining out. Though it is reasonable to treat yourself every now and then, you should limit eating out as much as possible.

To help with packing lunch and dining in to cut spending, there are a few tricks you can try:

  • Prep additional produce and meat while preparing a meal for faster meal prep later in the week

  • Take leftovers to work for lunch the next day

  • Utilize large meats, such as rotisserie chicken or ham, for multiple meals

  • Make preparing a meal a family affair for a fun, quicker process

3. Insurance

You may be surprised at how many savings you are forgoing with your insurance. Though you may have a quality auto policy, you may not be getting the most bang for your buck. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your auto insurance in Chicago, consider these things:

  • Unnecessary benefits: If you are quite certain that you will not utilize a benefit, consult with your provider to see if you can either have it taken off or if you can switch to another policy that is more streamlined.

  • Member benefits: Ask your agent if you qualify for discounts do to certain memberships. Individuals who are a part of the military or certain organizations such as AAA may qualify for certain discounts.

  • Loyalty discounts: If you have been with your provider for a while, check to see if you qualify for any benefits for being a loyal customer.

Though you may have to pay for certain expenses, that does not mean that they have to cost an arm and a leg. Consider implementing these cost saving ideas and see how they can benefit you.


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