In 2009, there were around 46,000 self-storage facilities across our country. This number continues to grow and has also given rise to the Self Storage Association. Today, we seem to live in a world where people store their belongings in places other than their home whenever they can. It is as common as getting a latte from Starbucks before work. However, just half a century ago, self-storage barely existed. Today, they are everywhere. So how has this happened?

A History of Self-Storage

The very first self-storage facility was opened in Florida in 1958. By the end of the 60s, Texas started opening similar facilities. Then, in 1972, a chain of self-storage facilities, still the largest in the country today, was opened in California. As such, the industry really comes from these three states. And, today, these three states still have the most amount of facilities within their borders. It is believed that this is also because they have the highest population concentrations and very few homes with basements or attics.

In the 1990s, the industry suddenly went nationwide. This is because there was suddenly more demand for self-storage than supply could come up with. Ten years later, some 30,000 companies existed across the country and, between them, they owned around two billion square feet of space. This can mean a few different things.

Self storage

Some of you may remember the end of the 1970s, when Aerosmith starting singing about ‘Toys in the Attic’. Attics, however, are not as common as they once were anymore. Because of the preference for trusses, they simply aren’t added to properties anymore. Trusses are cheaper than rafter based roofs, but they do mean that there is no space for an attic.

Then, there is consumerism. Our country is known for its consumeristic attitude and for the fact that people own far more than they could ever need. Not only does the average American spend a lifetime amassing ‘stuff’, Americans also like to move. On average, someone moves 11 times during their life. And even when people move, they don’t want to part with their VHS tapes, old comic book and memorabilia from their teenage years. At the same time, they don’t want to display them anymore either.

Finally, there is the fact that many people now try to earn money online by buying and selling collectible items. Various true entrepreneurs are using self-storage facilities to keep the items they want to sell together, in the hopes of being able to hold on to them until they have made a good profit.

Space is said to be the final frontier. Naturally, in that saying, ‘space’ refers to outer space, or outside of the earth’s atmosphere. But there is something to be said for it actually meaning ‘space’ as in space to put things and to keep things in. If so, then we seem to have broken through this final frontier. When you consider Mobile Mini provides a number of different portable storage containers to choose from, you will see that storage really isn’t an issue anymore.


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