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The Basics of Designing a Grow Room to Produce Exceptional Plants

Home & FamilyThe Basics of Designing a Grow Room to Produce Exceptional Plants

Setting up your own grow room can be an overwhelming task if you don’t know where to begin. It’s important to take your time and devise a plan that will operate efficiently, and one that will produce an exceptional harvest. Gardening indoors can be an enjoyable hobby that produces tasty condiments for your evening meal, or herbs that highlight the dishes you create in your kitchen. It all begins with a plan that brings together equipment, nutrients and plants so that the end result meets your expectations.


Your Goals

The main goals of designing the ideal grow room are: to build or develop a room that has enough space, lighting, and air exchange to work effectively. You must buy healthy plants to use with your hydroponic systems and you have to provide them with special attention and care that makes them develop into tasty additions to your meals. Buying only quality hydroponic supplies will also assure you of getting the yield at harvest time that you desire.

The Space

If you have an area of your basement or garage that can be developed into a grow room, you may want to begin with this space. The size of the space you ultimately choose will depend on your goals for the amount of harvest you want from the plants that you grow. Remember that you’ll be devoting a great deal of time to this hobby, so make sure you have enough room to work comfortably.

Power and Water

You will need power so that you can run lights, fans, and pumps for your plants. Consider the type of hydroponic system that you will be using and the number of plants that you want to grow to see if the electrical supply that serves the space you have in mind is sufficient. You will also need water so that you can add nutrients and keep the plants fed and hydrated during their growing period. Think about using rain water as your water source since it contains some helpful elements that help to prevent diseases that could harm the plants in your grow room.

The Lighting System

Your lighting system will consist of three basic parts. The ballast will regulate and control the energy supply that is needed by the plants. A lamp will actually generate the light and the reflector will guide the light to your plants so that they can grow and thrive.

Safety Procedures

As you design your grow room, be sure to create a safety plan. Check all of your wiring and connections periodically and make sure that your equipment isn’t accessible to either animals or young children. Be sure to read all labels of liquids that you are using and take precautions to protect your eyes, lungs, and skin when necessary. You must have a fire extinguisher in place so that you can successfully handle any fire that might break out in your grow room. Remember to keep trash off the floor and growing areas and remove it each time you exit the grow room.

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