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7 methods to get your homework done fast


ife is more than just completing homework. If not planned well, doing homework can be very time consuming and frustrating. You must plan each home assignment such that there is plenty of time left for other important activities. Here are some simple steps that can actually get your homework done and essay writing faster and without any pressure.

Planning your homework

The very first step is that you know what your home assignment consists of. It is very important to pay attention in the class during lectures and while the homework is being assigned. You must ask plenty of questions from the teachers so that you clearly understand each homework assignment.

Look through the details of each assignment as soon as it is been given. If it needs reading and learning then you do not have to wait to start until you get home. You would be surprised to know how much hidden time you have throughout the day that can be used more effectively. You can steal some time between your different subject periods or during your long bus ride. May be not all but some of the less intense work can be done during this time. Or at least you can get started by looking through it and plan how you to do it when you reach home.

Before you dive into doing your homework make sure what exactly is expected of you in the assignment. Check the level of difficulty in solving the math problems, the amount of time you need to invest, and any help you might need in order to complete the task.


Creating a comfortable study space

The best place for doing homework is a quiet space that has no distractions, so that you are able to focus on your work completely and spend as much time as needed to finish the work comfortably.

Ideally a desk in your personal bedroom is the best place. But if you can find any other place at home or elsewhere that is quiet and comfortable, you can go ahead and create your homework spot there. Just make sure there is good lighting and that the work space is tidy and organized as it may reflect in your work.

Gathering supplies you need before you start

Make sure you have everything from pencils to calculators required to complete your home work all at your work place. It can be very distracting to go searching for stuff in the middle of your homework. You might then have to spend another half hour to focus on the work you left half done.

If you have planned carefully, you would know exactly what all stuff you need to gather for your assignment and set up your work place accordingly. If you like to eat or drink anything, get that as well before you start. Go to washroom and make sure you would then be able to work continuously without getting up till you next scheduled break.

Eliminating Distractions

Keep your phone away, stay away from your computer and try to make your environment as quiet as possible. Focusing on your homework with full attention can make your work a lot easier, since your mind would not be working on different tasks at the same time.

It is very common with students to try to multi-task while doing their homework. Like watching TV, listening to music, staying active in social networking sites along with trying to finish their homework. But the fact is that these are more fun when you have completed all your assignments and further that the homework will take half the time if you have focused completely on it.

Wall clockMaking a timetable

You have limited time in the day for your homework. Try to set aside a specific amount of time to focus on each assignment, based on how long you think each task would take. Allocate enough time to be able to complete each assignment carefully and without errors. If you believe that you can finish a task in 30 minutes, work efficiently to finish the task and meet the deadline. If anything is still left to be done, don’t worry and give yourself few extra minutes.

You can try setting an alarm to keep yourself organized and honest. This will eradicate your unnecessary time wastage in procrastinating and checking out your text messages. This will also help you keep track of your speed. If you can complete a math assignment in 30 minutes, then at least save 30 minutes each day for math homework.

After every 50 minutes of continuous work, give yourself 10 minutes break. It is very important to give some rest to your mind and regain energy to work more effectively on next task.

Creating Incentives to finish

Keep some of your favorite fruits or some cookies by the side of your desk and have a piece after every new task is complete. This should not be something that you get during your work breaks, so that you will be more attracted towards working continuously and finishing a task.

You can even try involving your parents or siblings to help you stay on schedule. Give them your remote control to TV, game console or even your phone so that you are less tempted towards these distractions.

Homework helpGetting some homework help

Asking for help with your homework is not a sign that you are bad at any particular subject or that you look stupid. Every parent or teacher respects those kids who take their homework seriously and ask for help whenever in doubt.

The first best resource for homework help is your teacher who assigned it. You must not keep beating your head against the wall if you are not able to understand anything and help with yur assignments. It is ok to stop and ask for help from your teacher or anyone else who is capable of doing so.

You can also ask your parents, older siblings or other relatives if you struggle with your homework. They have all been through the same situation even if it was a long time ago. They would understand your troubles and would be happy to help you.

Many kids also join tuition centers to get help with their home assignment. Some homework help resources are available online as well, like Digitallearn and essay writing help. To learn how to browse the web to get useful information, you can also check out links like Teach-ease.


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