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Asset tracking failsafes for modern vehicle security


Recovering stolen goods from thieves using asset trackers

While physical security can protect practically anything, it’s always important to be aware of the possibility of theft, and have a backup plan in case things go wrong. A staggering amount of stolen vehicles and assets go unrecovered, with up to 95% of stolen construction equipment gone forever and around half of stolen cars never being returned to their owners.

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There’s a few different aspects to consider in understanding these rates. Construction equipment is particularly easy to anonymise, and is often specifically targeted by professional criminals looking to fulfil a contract. Professionals have the organisational structure necessary to quickly take your equipment around the world, giving you very little chance of recovery.

Expensive high end and classic cars are also often targeted by thieves, who know just how valuable the right kind of car can be to criminal clientele. Ultimately, it is harder to anonymise a car than it is to strip identification from a piece of construction equipment, but it’s still likely that your stolen vehicle won’t just be recovered by police.

For several years, owners have used asset tracking devices as a last point of defence. Powerful technology shows you exactly where your vehicle is at all times, hugely improving the chance of recovery. While standard asset trackers are particularly effective against most thieves, professional groups have started to use technology which makes the average tracker ineffective.

Most asset trackers use a GPS signal for security, which can be entirely blocked without a huge amount of difficulty. If you’ve tried using a GPS based device while in a tunnel, or even inside a car park you’ll realise how easy it is for the environment to cut off a signal. Thieves take advantage of this by storing stolen property in large vans or in underground areas. Along with this physical solution, thieves can block tracker signals using GPS jammers to entirely cut off your device.

The CanTrack Asset Tracker was designed to actively work against professional thieves. Using a combination of radio and mobile signals, the tracker can’t be blocked with the tools and methods that thieves use. The tracker also offers a range of features that help protect it against thieves.

With a battery-based design, the asset tracker can be used to track any kind of large vehicle or asset, moving past the standard need for an external power source. With thieves using detectors to determine exactly where externally powered asset trackers are located, the CanTrack device is particularly hard to find.

CanTrack claims to recover over 90% of tracked assets, with 80% of those being located within the first 8 hours after notification. The company runs its own recovery team to locate and bring back stolen assets, with a round the clock service ensured.

More Company Information:
CanTrack Global Limited

CanTrack.com – GPS Fleet Tracking, Asset Theft Recovery Solutions

Telephone: +44 (0) 1908 330 385
Managing Director: Peter Thompson


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