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How to Properly and Easily Choose the Best Bath for Your Needs


Everyone loves a hot soak in the bath after a long and tiring day – not only does it relax the mind and body, it also provides some “me” time that rejuvenates the soul. But choosing the correct type of bath is not always easy, however – there are some important considerations to be made. Here, then, is a list of the five most important issues to think of before going out and ordering a bath, and why Carronite baths are guaranteed to meet all your requirements.

Size matters

Try physically lying down in the bath first before you decide to purchase it. You should be comfortable when you take that dip. If you have a family, let the biggest person in the house try it out. Buying too small might annoy other people in your family, but buying too big may just likely result in a waste of water and money. Also, make sure the outer dimensions fit the place where you tend to install the bath. Measure your bathroom carefully and keep the framing of the bath in mind as well.

Bathroom with bathtub

The materials make all the difference

Baths are composed of different materials – acrylic, enameled cast iron, gel-coated fibreglass, cultured marble, and so on. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic is strong and light weight, but offers less stability than other materials. Whilst cast iron is strong and durable, they are considered dinosaurs and constantly require the addition of fresh warm water. Fibreglass baths are inexpensive but tend to have short lives. Carronite baths, on the other hand, have overcome those negative traits, thanks to their unique design – Carronite baths are heavy and give stability, and they are strong and have long lives. What’s more, they retain heat longer than your standard bath, and they also come with a special framing, reducing the amount of resealing that needs to be done.

Check your design

Consider the slope of the back rest. Think about how easy or difficult it may be to get into and out of the bath – and this is especially important for elderly or disabled persons. Are there any handgrips? Think about leg-space as well. Furthermore, does the “look” of the bath match its surroundings? Carronite baths incorporate all the different design features to ensure a wonderful bath experience, with a wide range of designs to suit everyone’s needs.

Make quality your priority, not price

You’ve surely heard of the phrase “you get what you pay for”. It’s certainly true, especially when buying baths. Think of a bath as an investment; if it lasts you a long time and gives you a lot of pleasure, then it’s worth some extra money – just like with a bed or dining table, quality counts. Yet Carronite baths do not have to be expensive. Carronite baths come in all sizes and shapes, with different price ranges to suit anyone’s budget.

Extras, anyone?

Those who really enjoy the luxury of a five-star bath experience can consider double-ended baths, corner baths, bubble baths – you name it, Carronite baths of all kinds are available, providing practicality, comfort and style.

Baths are a modern essential and part of modern living – it’s well worth spending careful time considering the perfect one to fit your needs. And when it comes to different kinds of baths, there is indeed one kind that definitely stands out: a Carronite bath. It is not only more durable and long-lasting than other baths – it offers great heat retention and other major benefits as well. If you are planning to purchase a Carronite bath for your home, you can always check out the wide (and affordable) selection available only at Bathroom Deal in the UK.


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