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The HVAC life cicle


It’s easy to forget seasonal routine maintenance for your heat pump or air conditioning system. These appliances provide cool air throughout the hot months and heat during the few weeks of the year when the temperatures cool off, which is easy to take for granted. You might have noticed your electric bills have been slowly increasing, or the air doesn’t seem as fresh or cool as it did when the system was new. Each of these issues is an indicator that it’s time for maintenance.

As depicted in the following infographic published by Aqua Plumbing & Air, routine seasonal maintenance is necessary to keep your air comfort system running efficiently and in good health. Like a car, these are complex machines that need to be checked on regularly. Occasionally, small parts wear out and need to be replaced, mechanical sections require lubrication, leaks sealed, and hoses and filters cleared of blockages. Like a car’s engine that hasn’t had the oil and other essential fluids changed on schedule, a neglected HVAC or heat pump risks deficient performance and eventual breakdown.

Routine maintenance will save you from expensive repairs and possible replacement of the full unit. Maintenance will keep your utility bills low as the air system runs at its highest energy efficiency. Lastly, you preempt the risk of losing air conditioning in the middle of summer and waiting multiple days for a busy technician to show up to make costly repairs. Check out the infographic below for more tips and related information.

HVAC Life Cycle


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