When you’re moving house in Gloucester you must have a reliable and professional removal team to help you get your belongings into your new home with ease. There are a myriad of things that you’ll have to think about and plan for, so doing as much as you can ahead of time is the key to preventing stress headaches and extreme frustration. Let’s review some of the points that you should consider before moving day arrives.

  • The good news is, if you’re looking for professional removals Gloucester offers a good choice. One such removal company Gloucester is home to recommends you think well ahead and plan in advance for the day that you’ll arrive in your new home. Often it’s not possible to unpack all of the things that you need that first day and night, so the experts say to pack a box of essentials. This box can hold coffee, snacks, tea, cups, kitchen cloths, and some plates and utensils. Be sure to include toilet paper and paper towels as well.Couple moving

  • Next, create a bag for each of your family members. These bags should hold medications, toiletries, and any personal items that the family member needs. You should include night clothes and a change of clean clothes for the day after. You may also want to include a personal towel, wash cloth, and soap and shampoo in each bag.

  • In another box you should pack some useful items that you can use for the first few hours you are in your home. This should include a first aid kit, some light bulbs, small tools, paper and pencil, reusable plastic bags, and pain relievers. Try to think of any other items that you may need and put them into this box. These boxes and bags for family members should be transported in your vehicle so that they will arrive at your new location the same time that you do.

  • Make sure that you have contacted all of the utility companies at your new location so that you’ll have water, power, and gas upon your arrival. You should inform the people with whom you do business about your move and remember to request that the companies turn off the utilities at your old home on the day of your move.

  • If you pack any of your own boxes ahead of time, remember to:

    • Not overload the boxes with heavy items

    • Label each one with its contents and the room that it should go to

    • Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap or protective paper that will protect them enroute to your new home.

    • Pack glassware and breakable items wrapped individually

  • Make sure that you have all of your important paperwork and documents packed in a box that clearly identifies what is included in this box. You should carry this in your vehicle with you so that you can place it in a safe place in your home when you arrive. This would include all passports, marriage and birth certificates, and loan papers from your lending institutions.


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