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Exciting Home Design Trends to Look For in 2016

Home & FamilyExciting Home Design Trends to Look For in 2016

As the appeal of a new home continues to grow, more and more home buyers are opting to build brand new homes instead of buying preexisting ones. There are many high end and more affordable home builders to choose from in most local markets these days, and designing a new home gives buyers the opportunity to plan out the perfect living, working, and entertaining space for their individual needs and wants.

If you’re considering new home construction in 2016, or even if you’re just curious about upcoming home design trends, we’ve prepared a list of the top 7 home trends to look for in 2016. The list includes trends for the kitchen, bathroom, floor plan, materials and more.

1. White on White Kitchens

White is becoming the most popular color for kitchens, and this trend will continue well into 2016. White creates a modern look that is both clean and bright, so we’ll see new homes that are decked out with white backsplashes, countertops and cabinets. While not every new home will sport the white on white kitchen, home builders are also noticing an overall trend of lighter colors, including light grey and lighter wood stains.

2. Stand Alone Showers & Tubs

New homes in 2016 will turn away from the standard tub and shower combination that has been a staple in new home construction for years. Instead, more and more home buyers will opt for stand-alone units. In large bathrooms, many new home buyers will choose both a large walk-in shower with glass doors and floor to ceiling tiles as well as a centered, spa-like tub for the occasional time to actually relax in a tub. This will mean master bathrooms with two stunning focal points that are the perfect retreat for well deserving home owners.

3. Open Concept Functional Space

The open concept trend will continue strong into 2016 with floor plans that allow the kitchen, dining room, living room and other areas to all flow together. The popularity of the open concept floor plan is part of a greater move toward maximizing space. Buyers purchasing homes in 2016 will want as much functional space as possible, which means goodbye to grand entrances and foyers, hallways, and multiple staircases.

4. Get Away Rooms

While open concept layouts are perfect for family living and entertaining, home owners also want dedicated space where they can go to get away from it all, so home builders are expecting a growth in requests for get-away rooms that are closed off from the open concept. Get away rooms can be incorporated into any level of the new home, and they can take on whatever function the home buyer desires – recreations rooms, libraries and even custom wine rooms. In 2016, it is predicted the get-away room will be on many new home buyers list, although how they actually use the space is up to them.

5. Double Islands

Another popular home design trend being mentioned by many home builders is the request for double islands in the kitchen. The open concept space is allowing new home buyers to have larger kitchens, and many will find that having a second island is the perfect use of this extra space. Double islands allow home owners to have room for prep and cooking as well as a space for people to mingle and dine.

6. Smart Homes

With the growth of technology in daily life, home builders are prepping new homes for smart technology in advance. The range of smart technology on the market is large and growing every day, giving home owners the ability to control lights, blinds, temperature, security systems, locks, televisions and even appliances from their phones and other mobile devices. Home builders are prepared to honor this request in 2016 by pre-wiring new homes with cables so WiFi is available in every room.

7. Granite Alternatives

Going back to the kitchen (after all, it is one of the most important rooms in the house) the overwhelming popularity of granite in the past couple years is likely to have some new home buyers looking for other alternatives. Some alternative countertops that we expect to become popular in 2016 include engineered stones such as quartz, silestone, caesarstone and icestone, and non-stone materials such as wood, butcher block and concrete.

From this list of trends, it’s easy to see why new home construction is an ideal choice for home buyers in 2016. The ability to design and decorate your new home means you can create the perfect mix of functionality and beauty to enjoy for years to come.


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