Without a doubt, having a freestanding bath in your bathroom will instantly give this room a special ambience and feel. Freestanding baths are indeed an essential addition to any bathroom, not only because they are stylish and elegant, but also because they can be quite practical as well. But when you are looking into purchasing and installing a freestanding bath for your bathroom, you should have a good idea of what styles are available out there. Here, then, is your guide to some of the most popular freestanding bath styles to choose from.

Freestanding bath

What you should know

Firstly, you should know that freestanding baths come in various materials, mostly a combination of acrylic and resin, as well as materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and even wood. Some freestanding baths can also be customised and laden with additional features, such as air jets, heaters, music systems, massage systems, and the like. But when choosing a freestanding bath, one of the foremost aspects you should consider is the style, as it can dictate the overall theme of your bathroom as well as the bath’s functionality.

Some popular freestanding bath styles

  • Floor models – freestanding baths can come as floor models with varying shapes, including oval, slipper shape, rectangular, square, and round. The floor model freestanding bath is distinguished by one feature – the fact that it can be placed directly on your bathroom’s flooring. These floor models are also available in different lengths, which make them ideal for any bathroom.
  • Slipper freestanding baths – a slipper freestanding bath is usually an oblong-shaped bath with one side that is higher than the other, so users can recline better.
  • Footed freestanding baths – a footed freestanding bath is simply a bath with claw feet at the bottom. These baths are popular for more vintage-themed bathrooms with their classic and elegant design.
  • Pedestal freestanding baths – a pedestal freestanding bath is a bath which is simply installed on a different level from the bathroom’s floor, usually on a plinth or pedestal. With this, you have an array of choices in design as well, from antique to Asian, art deco, and modern.
  • Japanese freestanding baths – another popular option when it comes to a freestanding bath is the Japanese-style freestanding bath, which is quite deep yet still small and compact. The Japanese-style bath also comes in different materials such as wood, copper, or stainless steel.

No matter which type of freestanding bath you opt for, you won’t regret it. Just make sure you get one from a good supplier and have it installed properly, and you can bathe to your heart’s content.


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