When my family decided that we wanted to pull together as a team and find a way to help my mother with her alcoholism, we felt like we had accomplished something enormous. I don’t mean that we cured her disease. But in forming a real plan – a firm commitment to a final battle in the war we had been losing for years – we felt energized, renewed, and relieved.

Alcohol rehab

For my sisters and I, much of our adult lives had been a series of failures at getting mom to face her problem. We had made some halfhearted attempts at interventions, but none of us were able to stick to the threats we leveled against her. We tried taking her to group therapy sessions and accompanied her to court-ordered meetings, but everything always ended the same way: a blowout fight, tears, storming off and relapse.

My oldest sister was the one whose patience ran out first. She decided that she could no longer wade through treatment options that never seemed to work. She was worried that her relationship with her own children was suffering as a result. She gave us a firm timeline – 48 hours to come up with a treatment facility that would provide everything we wanted. We brainstormed together, armed with a long list of everything we had tried, and failed, to do for our mom over the years.

Our list of demands was extensive. We wanted a facility that would use the 12-step approach in concert with psychopharmacology, and we wanted a beautiful location that would help mom to feel relaxed and comfortable. The doctors and staff needed to understand that our focus was on our family, and on trying to rebuild damaged relationships with the matriarch of our large and close-knit family.

After much research, we found a remarkable facility called Headwaters at Origins. Headwaters appeared to have everything we wanted, and the facility’s reputation was beyond any other we researched. Headwaters understands how important relationships are to us and that we need to work together as a team to win this. There are many steps, and many steps backward, in treating addiction. My family’s war with alcoholism has been brutal and unrelenting. But in making the first real, committed plan to give our mom a chance for recovery in a facility like Headwaters at Origins, we know that we are making an important step. Now, we can finally breathe.


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