Many Edmonton homeownershave to consider removing the spruces, larches, oaks, and elms in their front and back yardswhen they’ve become unhealthy and potentially hazardous. After any tree removal in Edmonton, it’s important not to neglect the stump. The most common reason they’re left behind is because it can be difficult job. Fortunately, local tree care technicians can help with stump grinding in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and Strathcona County. The process requires a special grinder that most homeowners won’t have lying around the garage.

Accidents Can Occur

Leftovers should be removed from a yard as soon as possible after a larch, pine, or any other species has been cut down. Otherwise, this can leave behind a big safety hazard. Not all of them are large and highly visible: those that are lower to the ground create the perfect storm for trips and falls. They can also damage lawn mowers and yard equipment if the operator doesn’t notice that it’s nearby. By the time they find it, it’s already too late.

Dead trunk


There’s nothing worse than admiring a beautiful yard with a lush lawn and colorful flowers only to find a big scar sitting in the middle of it all. Not only will a wooden stub limit what you can do with your yard when you landscape, it prevents you from being able to make the most of your space. Removal can reclaim your front lawn or backyard for you, the kids, the pets, and everyone to enjoy.

Insect Infestation

There are a number of bugs and grubs that love to make homes out ofold, forgotten stumps. Carpenter ants can make their galleries there and the last thing you want is for these bugs to make their way into your house. They burrow into wooden structures and after enough time they can cause serious structural damage. It is best to take care of your issue before you wind up dealing with a bug infestation that will require you to call in the pest exterminators. Edmonton tree stump removal can also be a necessity for mitigating the spread of Dutch elm disease. The leftovers emit the same scent as a dead or dying elm and draw the beetles that spread DED. The remnants of any elm must be ground and buried, preferably with the help of local technicians like Chipps Tree Care.

Spring weather makes this the perfect time to utilize the services of an Edmonton tree removal company to clean up your property. Spruce up your home with the help of ISA-certified technicians. Chipps Tree Care stump removal services include grinding the leftovers of elms and other species to 4-6 inches below the surface. This gives grass plenty of space to take root and flourish. Spring cleaning isn’t just about the inside of the home; it’s also a great time fix up the exterior. Companies like Chipps take pride in caring for the urban forest in their communities. Contact a local arborist today for an estimate on your next landscaping project.


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