Running a household isn’t cheap, especially when you rely on old appliances. Even new, household appliances can form the biggest drain on your expenses. In the kitchen, the refrigerator uses the most amount of energy, as it consumes one-sixth of the total energy used in your home. If you’ve seen a steady increase in your home’s energy consumption, it could very well be due to an efficient fridge. But you don’t have to replace it with a brand new Energy Star model. Some simple maintenance and repairs can keep your fridge efficient.

Fridge opener

Begin with the interior. Make sure the temperature is set at or below 4° C. If you have a freezer attached, be sure that it’s set for -18° C. By maintaining these two temperatures, you can ensure your fridge isn’t working any harder than it has to. It’s also the ideal temperatures to keep your food fresh for longer.

Then move onto the exterior. You’ll want to have a vacuum or a dust pan handy as you pull the fridge out from its resting place. You might be surprised by the amount of dust and dirt you find, but don’t worry; it’s normal. Simply sweep or vacuum up the evidence. Since the under carriage of your fridge is a natural dirt magnet, you’ll also want to make sure the coils at the back are free from dust. Before you wipe or vacuum these pieces, be sure to unplug your fridge.

Once the outside of your fridge is dust-free, check the seal on its door. You can do this by closing the door on a sheet of paper. It can be any type of paper, as long as half of it is left sticking when you close the door. If you’re able to pull the paper out, then your fridge doesn’t have a proper seal and is leaking cool air. In which case, you’ll need to replace the seal.

Not sure where to start with that kind of repair? Most people don’t, so don’t feel embarrassed about contacting a fridge repair service. Go online and look for a local company that can offer licensed and skilled technicians, making sure to stop by during your search. Their technicians are knowledgeable, friendly, and available 24/7. Best of all, they provide same-day repairs at affordable prices.

With their help, you can make sure your fridge is running at its most efficient. So start your maintenance check today, and don’t hesitate to call the professionals when you need some extra help. This habit can help you make serious savings on your budget.


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