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3 technology tips to get your house ready for winter

Home & Family3 technology tips to get your house ready for winter

As winter approaches and cold weather begins setting in, start thinking about how you can prepare your home for the cold season. By following these three technology tips, you can keep your home comfortable and safe while reducing your expenses.

Have Your Furnace Inspected

If you haven’t had your furnace inspected within the past year, you might well be burning through money without knowing it. Furnaces need regular maintenance to work their best — even a small problem with your furnace could stick you with hundreds of dollars in extra utility charges.

Having your furnace tuned might seem like an extra expense in November, but by spring you’ll be glad you did. Best of all, you can have your furnace inspected and tuned by experts like Climate Control Heating & Cooling so inexpensively that you’ll soon be putting your yearly furnace checkup at the top of your list of money-saving habits.

Having your furnace inspected also helps reduce the likelihood of it dying on a particularly cold day. After letting your heater sit unused half the year, you’ll want to be confident in its ability to suddenly work overtime without failing when you need it most.

Keep Your Pipes Warm

Broken pipes
Image via Flickr by sloanpix

Your home’s water pipes undergo a great deal of stress during winter. Although they are most likely to freeze when outside temperatures drop to 20 degrees F, they can freeze even before then. If your plumbing freezes and bursts, then your home will sustain water damage when the frozen water thaws — and that’s only the beginning. Water leakage under your house or inside your walls can lead to mold growth, leaving you with a messy, expensive problem on your hands — and one that you might not even realize exists for some time.

You can keep your pipes warm during freezing weather by using the best that modern technology has to offer. Water pipe heating cables might cost slightly more than other options, but they are designed to keep your pipes warm no matter what winter throws at your house — all you have to do is plug them in when you expect temperatures to fall near 20 degrees.

Identify Cold Spots in Your Home

Most homes leak warm air during winter. If you can think of a room in your house that always feels a little cooler than the others, then you might well have a leak. Don’t disregard it — even a couple small leaks can cost you a great deal of money.

To really get serious about stopping air leaks, you’ll want to hire a professional energy auditor to test your house for inefficiencies. Or, if you want to do the work yourself, you can use a thermal camera to find cold spots. Such cameras can connect to a smartphone or tablet, and they’re surprisingly affordable.

When you locate air leaks in your home, seal them as well as you can. Sometimes you need only tuck a blanket along the bottom of a door or add window coverings to a cold window, but other times you might need to add insulation to a wall. Solving such problems, no matter the effort required, is always worth the effort and expense. If you don’t solve your problems now, you will pay for them until you do.

Don’t let winter put the freeze on your bank account. With a little effort, and helped along by the right technology, you can prepare your home for the winter without putting a chill into your wallet.


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