Remodelling your home does not always need to be an expensive affair. You can upgrade any space to make it more elegant, funky, contemporary, or anything you want without spending tons of money.

Enter the world of backsplash.

A backsplash is one of the best ways to elevate your home’s decor and add value with very little investment. It can be an extension of a room’s decor, rounding off the look that you’re going for, or it can work as the highlight of the space.
By exploring different textures, colours, and shapes of tiles, you can completely transform any space and bring a refreshing change to the room. Buy acrylic mirrors as a great alternative to tiles for a bathroom or kitchen splash back, costing a fraction of the price.

Traditionally, backsplash tiles are found in kitchens, but now, they’re being used in other parts of the home as well. Here’s how you can make backsplash tiles work in various parts of your house.

Re-imagine Classic Fireplace

Modern fireplace

As cozy as your plain, old fireplace might be, it can only get better with the right backsplash.
Going with soothing pastel or neutral shades will help to create a pleasing contrast with the cracking flames. Avoid bright shades as they can overpower the space and take away from its charm. If the space looks kind of incomplete, you can complement the tiles with the rug as shown in the picture above from BuildDepot.

Upgrade Your Quiet Place – The Bathroom

Pick a wall, one you want to draw attention to, and tile it up. It’s usually a good idea to keep the shades of the backsplash tiles neutral if your bathroom has white tiling, unless you’re specifically looking to create a contrast.
You can add a splash of vibrant colour to create a cheerful vibe. Fiery shades of red, orange, or pink will add an energetic charm to the area while shades of blue and green will bring out the serenity of this space.
Experiment with different styles of lighting and mirrors to push this space even further.

Turn Your Bathtub into a Spa


The look of your bathtub can make or break your bathroom. Since it’s a prominent fixture in your bathroom, tiling it up will help you effectively transform the look of this space.
So if you think your bath-tub lacks personality then tile with passion and add a touch of backsplash tile to give it some charm!
Go with lighter or neutral shades of backsplash tiles for a soothing effect. Contrasting grout can highlight the tiles if you’re going for a more dramatic look. Bohemian, floral, and abstract prints will instantly change the look of your bathroom and create a lasting impression.

Infuse Your Home Bar with Elegance

Your home bar is that cosy place where you can pour yourself a drink and relax after a long day at work. If it’s been looking a bit drab lately, maybe a backsplash is what you need.
You can tile the wall behind the counter to create a distinctive look that will set the mood for your home bar, this stainless steel backsplash would brighten up the look of bar with its bright colors charm of stainless steel, and you can also tile up the cabinets with printed tiles to add a certain rustic charm to the area. If your glassware is plain and transparent, using vivid, dark shades will invigorate the area. If, on the other hand, you have coloured glassware, using neutral colors and shades of white will bring balance to the space.

Change Laundry Day Forever

Laundry rooms are often ignored during a home remodelling project. But this room is prone to moisture and stains, so tiling the walls will help immensely.
Since this area is generally dominated by whites and neutrals, go with vivid hues to spruce up the room and make it look less boring.

Need help deciding on the right backsplash tiles for your space? Browse through different types of backsplash tiles at Tile Markets to get started!


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