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The Top Questions You shouldn’t Forget to Ask when Finalising the Purchase of a House


Whether you’ve already gone through the entire process – from applying for a mortgage to having a mortgage approved – or are just beginning to look for the ideal house, it’s important to know that you are making the right decision in all regards. So what questions should you ask? There are those obvious ones, of course, such as how old the property is, what kind of insulation does it have, and what kind of heating system it has, but there are also some questions that are less-than-obvious. In fact, we forget to ask these questions altogether in our haste to purchase the property as quickly and conveniently as we can. But before you ‘sign the deal’, as they say, here is a list of top questions you shouldn’t forget to ask:

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    Where is the main valve or stopcock for shutting off the water supply?

  • Are there any special products for cleaning recommended for certain surfaces, such as granite worktops, wooden flooring, and the like? What products would the seller recommend?
  • What day of the week do the rubbish collectors come?
  • What is the actual name of the paint used on the walls, and does the seller have a sample or old tins which they can give you?
  • Where are the electricity and gas meters located? Where are the circuit breakers located?
  • Where did the seller purchase or acquire the bathroom and kitchen floors and tiles?
  • How old are the kitchen cupboards or shelves, and where were they purchased?
  • Who is the provider of the property’s telephone, broadband, and electricity?
  • Where is the property’s main thermostat?

Other major considerations

Aside from the questions listed above, there are other considerations you should make sure of as well. One of these is regarding gas safety. If the property is connected to mains gas and has gas appliances, you should make sure that you have a copy of the property’s Certificate for Gas Safety. This Certificate will prove that all the appliances using gas have been inspected and approved by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Once you have found out who the electricity and energy provider is, you do not have to stay with them. In fact, there are many advantages to switching providers, as most new property owners can attest. To switch to the best provider, you should make a comparison of their prices and servicing.

With the right questions and considerations, you should have better peace of mind knowing that you have made the right decision, especially in such a major endeavour as buying your own piece of property. And whether or not you are looking for houses for sale in Billericay or other areas, it is always in your best interest to look for the most professional help you can find.


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