Are you involved in a self-build home project? Perhaps you are building your own home with private contractors or are doing a renovation of your current master bathroom. If you are looking for intriguing design elements that will result in a master bathroom worthy of some of the priciest high-end homes, here are a few ideas.

Clawfoot Tubs for a Totally Retro Appeal

It has been literally decades, if not almost a century, since Clawfoot bathtubs were the norm. Now they are typically viewed as antique or a blast from the past so few homes have a clawfoot tub installed anymore. However, if you are looking to go retro and add a bold statement to your master bath, a clawfoot tub might be just what you are looking for.

Wooden bathroom

Designer Heated Towel Radiators

Designer heated towel radiators can offer so much more than warm towels when you step out of the bath. This is the main purpose for them, but many are designer items as well. You can use a heated towel radiator for functional reasons or choose one that will add a touch of class to an otherwise boring wall. If you are yet unfamiliar with heated towel radiators, you can check out some amazingly attractive ones on the website.

Interestingly Unique His and Hers Sinks

Many master bathrooms are designed with his and her sinks and lately there is a marked increase in the number of homes being built where the customer would like a few extra features like trendy sinks crafted in wood to look as though there are sideboards lining the walls. These make an elegant addition and are far removed from the cliché Formica cabinets installed in the greatest majority of homes.

A Walk-in Bathtub

Actually, walk-in tubs are not only for the elderly. They are sometimes ideally suited for those who have issues with equilibrium or a number of debilitating conditions such as arthritis. A walk-in tub is also shaped and sized differently than the conventional bathtub so for master bathrooms of odd sizes, these often suit the space available better.

Skylights for Natural Lighting

Many homeowners like the privacy of having no windows in their master bathroom. Skylights offer the perfect alternative. Natural daylight filters in, which is especially helpful when applying makeup or doing your hair. Skylights also provide a way for steam to escape when taking a hot shower.

LED Shower Lights

LED shower lights offer that extra touch of colour and are interesting in that many have a strobe effect or can be lit in circling colours of the rainbow. Within recent years these have been trending so they are easily found online as well as in many local home improvement stores.

Whether you are undergoing a major renovation of your current master bathroom or are working a self-build home, there are a number of intriguing ways to design a master bathroom that will make yours totally unique. From heated towel radiators to LED shower lights, there is something new hitting the market each and every year. Why settle for the ordinary when a few finishing touches will give you a bathroom unlike any you’ve seen before?


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