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3 Steps to Take When You're Not Satisfied with a Service


Paying for a service that you’re not satisfied with is a silly mistake to make. There really should only be two possible outcomes here: either the service works for you and is therefore worth your funds, or it is not working for you and something needs to be done about it. If the latter sounds more like the predicament you’re in, it’s sometimes a good idea to address the issue with the company before immediately cancelling and forming a permanent opinion about the service. With that said, here are three steps you can take to make things right when you’re not satisfied with a service:

1. Contact Managerial Staff

The first thing you should do when the quality of a service is lacking is bring the issue before one or more supervisors/managers. Ground level employees often lack the authority and discretion needed to initiate any real changes, and 9 times out of 10 you’re going to get a pre-set response to most of your complaints and inquiries, as support reps are trained to refer to FAQs and cheat sheets when giving answers to disgruntled customers. Don’t accept that type of nonsense and insist to speak to a supervisor at the first sign that you’re getting the run around. Using a contact number directory like www.contacttelephonenumbers.com (for UK consumers) is a great way to obtain a direct line to a specific department in a company.


2. Write a Detailed Complaint Listing All Problems

After you’ve contacted managerial staff, if you’re still having problems or you’re not completely satisfied with the compensation and remedial action that has been taken, consider taking it a step further by writing a formal complaint letter that details all of the problems you’ve had with the service. If you’re able to reach a supervisor on the phone, ask them for their email address and tell them you’ll be sending them a detailed letter of complaint directly. This is especially an important step to take if your dissatisfaction was the result of an employee’s misconduct.

3. Demand Compensation

Most companies are willing to provide some form of compensation if they see you’re genuinely not happy with your experience. However, since the majority will not just offer you compensation outright (although this does happen sometimes), you usually have to ask for it, or better yet, demand it. Throw in a sentence like “I believe some type of compensation would be appropriate to make up for the hassle of this ordeal.” They’ll either counter with a “that’s not possible” (at which point you ask for their supervisor) or they’ll offer you a freebie to make up for your troubles.

Switching to a Competitor

Finally, if things don’t go your way and none of the efforts above work to improve the quality of the service, the only sensible option left is to switch to a different provider. However, it is important to learn from your mistakes and be more selective about which services you use in the future.


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