Every child needs love, good health, education, clothing and everything to make life meaningful and essential for them. Sometimes parents cannot always afford to make their children’s life comfortable and they do not necessarily have the means to support their children. More and more the financial situation is demanding, as this may take a toll on parents to provide an adequate standard of living for their young ones. Once a child is well cared for, he or she can smile every day and appreciates the opportunities given to make life a joyous one. Children do not control their lives. Parents do. Children cannot provide themselves with the best in order to live a normal life. Parents provide. Any concerned adult can provide. It is never a good thing to believe that only the parents must do what it takes to let their child or children life comfortable in this world. Any individual can help save the life of a child. Any individual can help a child eat healthy, live a healthy lifestyle. Any person should be concerned when a child is not receiving a basic right to education as opposed to those who do. This is where The Family Tree Foundation seeks to help. You can do so too.


The Family Tree Foundation (TFTF) is a non-profit organization which seeks to give underprivileged children the right to the basic needs in life. They help families with children in many different ways. In addition, if there are orphaned children, they also help. In general, they provide for those from childhood to adolescence. The Family Tree Foundation is dedicated to John Freer. He believes that we can make a living by what we get, but a life by what we give. In essence, we make life more worthy of living when we give to others who do not have. They operate in the form of a charity organization, in which donors can freely make a contribution to the organization. Their values are reflected in the following statements:


A fair opportunity for every child in the world to live according to his or her highest potential.


To make crowd funding and e-commerce easily available to charities, orphanages and schools in underprivileged countries.

To empower each human on the planet through care, guidance, education and talent discovery and promotion.


To build on the selfless tenets of Giving, Nurturing and Sharing.

The main objective of The Family Tree Foundation is to assist underprivileged children, by seeking donors to partner along in order to contribute to the foundation.

The Child Development Center (CDC) in India is one of the centers in which children of India desperately and currently need assistance. These children come from different families, hold different religious beliefs, are either orphaned or come from poor economical family backgrounds. The parents earn at least $2 U.S. dollars a day. In this economy, it is highly unlikely to survive on that kind of wage range. These loving children need help in the following areas:


Children have a right to education. To have access to proper schooling, they are in need of books, uniforms, bags, books and the likes.


Food is one of the essential things in life no human should ever have to live without. Most importantly, nutritious food. In order to have healthy minds to gain good mental focus at school and to develop the body properly, the underprivileged children need nutritious and wholesome meals. These include eggs, milk, meat, vegetables, rice, and fruits.

Medical care

The Child Development Center (CDC) requires that every 3 months a general physician checkup for seasonal diseases in the children. Likewise, these children need vitamins and mineral, even adequate hospitalization in the event of an illness.

Trained Staff

Among those are teachers and cooks. In order for the children to receive a good education, they need to be provided with knowledgeable and caring teachers to pass on good values, teach them life skills and to impart knowledge to them so they can survive in the world. Cooks also are needed to produce the meals and to serve the children.

Apart from these fundamentals which the children need, in order to keep the CDC consistent and active certain factors need to be given careful thought. These are bills which include rent, water and electricity. Supplies such as cleaning items among others, are needed.

To achieve these goals, $3000 US Dollars should be budgeted every month. Donors can expect that this sacrifice made will greatly and positively impact the precious lives of the children of the CDC in India. What great comfort and joy it would be, to know that this valuable contribution can go a long way in providing the necessities to ensure that each and every child has the basics in life for survival. Moreover, any donor in the form of an individual or organization can make a pledge for these amounts and receive the following benefits:

Pledge: $10.00

Benefit: No rewards, thanks. I just want to help the project.

Pledge: $50.00

Benefit: One will receive a personal “Thank You” from TFTF.

Pledge: $500.00

Benefit: One will get the eternal gratitude and a big “Thank You” on TFTF’s website.

Pledge: $2,000.00

Benefit: TFTF will make sure that your name appears on a school’s wall.

The funds are obtained from donors in a number of ways including:

  1. Crowdsourcing- this refers to the process of getting work or funding, usually online, from a crowd of people. Many persons can fund the project in a substantial way.

Persons can create a crowdsourcing campaign with a specific financial goal. If people are interested in a project, they can pledge money or buy products in order for this to occur. The campaign is marketed throughout TFTF’s Social Media network. All of the raised funds are directed to your campaign for TFTF. In addition, with the social movement of your campaign, you are able to attract volunteers to fund a project with TFTF.

  1. E-Commerce- this refers to any type of business or commercial transaction that involves the transfer of funds via the Internet. You may pledge products and supplies for a specific project. TFTF will allow the process of online purchase, shipping and delivery of the supplies to the address. You will only be charged for shipping. Basically, these are the main benefits:
  • Peace of Mind:

You have the peace of mind knowing that your money is adequately used.

  • Local Suppliers’ Interaction:

TFTF engages local suppliers close to the charity which you want to support.

  • No Shipping Fees:

No shipping fees are incurred on products. Most of your donations go towards productive purpose.

  • Accountability:

The Family Tree Foundation will ensure a successful delivery of the products.

Help support these innocent children today. Do not let them be part of child labour plaguing our world today. Each individual can reach a child through their considerable donations. Remember, each individual build a child’s future for the positive. Not only parents, but every capable individual, whether self or through an organization can equally care for the underprivileged. Each one reach one. Donate today. Support a worthy cause. Not only for now, but for the future.


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