Sliding doors are one of the best ways to improve your home, and can allow you to maximise the natural light into it and capture the views from your house.

Sliding doors are a traditional favourite and there was a fear that when new products, such as the bi-folding door, became popular, they would lose their appeal. Whilst this has become true in one extent, the popularity of the doors still remains at a high level, and because they are no longer seen as the expensive option, people now have a choice as to whether they want to go for free movement with a bi-fold or for more glass with a sliding door.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a popular choice for homeowners who have just a small opening where two panes of glass would be used. By having just two panes, you can maximise the glass, which has huge benefits to the thermal efficiency of the door itself, as well as help to take in the stunning views. Sliding doors are also easy to open and you can integrate them with fly screens and security devices. Because a sliding door only requires the width of the frame, it is also widely used by customers with limited space.

Sliding doors are also used in many commercial applications because of their ease of use and can be large in size making them perfect for particularly large openings. A single sliding door can be manufactured to large widths and heights of around 3.0m, which can provide you with fantastic interrupted views of the scene beyond. This leaves you with clear and uninterrupted views and can mean that you get lots of natural light into hotels, office blocks and educational establishments. They are also used by lots of retailers with an automatic function to allow for quick access into shops.

Despite having huge glazed areas that can weigh in excess of 180kg, a sliding doors is still very robust and secure, especially compared to other variations available on the market. This makes them perfect for many different applications and means that they might be the only option for specific scenarios, helping them to remain a valued product within the window and doors market place

Should you be thinking about adding sliding doors to your home it is always worth speaking to a professional company, like Clear View Doors of Yorkshire. Whilst you may know that sliding doors are what you want and perhaps know the size of your opening, there are lots of other things to consider like handles on both the inside and outside, the type of glazing, the material of the frame (aluminium or PVC) and much much more. Whilst you do not usually require any planning permission to change your windows and doors, you may need to check this too and more importantly look at things such as access and much more.


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