A home that’s light and bright is good for the soul, leaving us feeling uplifted and invigorated. Yet light doesn’t just influence our mood. When used effectively in the home, it can also increase a sense of space, making small areas seem much bigger. There are plenty of easy-to-implement tips and tricks that can bring brightness to your abode.

Choice of colour

The colours you choose at home are key influencers in perception of light, so opt for pale, neutral tones to inject a sense of brightness to your interiors. Take inspiration from Scandinavian style design, which focuses on using white or grey tones for walls, floors and furnishings. Pale colours not only brighten up a room, but they have the added bonus of super-sizing a space.

Lovely couple at home

However, dark colours are very stylish in the home, and if you don’t want to replace your sleek, dark wooden floors or kitchen cabinets, you can still add small touches that bring a sense of lightness to this much-favoured style. Cream-coloured rugs, for instance, add elegance to dark wooden floors, and instantly lift the feel of a room. Light, shiny finishes or accessories can be added to dark kitchen counter tops and cupboards to break up the colour and create a softer tone.


Windows play a leading role in letting light flood into your home, so optimise their light-giving potential. replacement or new PVC windows not only look great, but have energy saving properties too. Ditch dark, heavy drapes for softer and paler options, and pull curtains or blinds back as far as possible during the day. Remove lofty plants or space-hugging ornaments from windowsills if they compromise light levels. Even regularly cleaning your windows, inside and outside, can make a difference to how much light is drawn into your home.


A mirror serves more than just one purpose. It’s one of the most useful accessories in the home for promoting and bouncing lightness. Place a mirror on a wall opposite glass windows or doors for a reflective perception that makes a space seem bigger than it actually is. A mirror situated near or behind a lamp also helps to illuminate the light and widen its reach.


Clever use of lighting can add a sense of brightness to your abode, especially when placed in dark rooms. Spotlights can add functionality and a glow to specific zones or task areas, while pendant lights bring warmth to an industrial-styled kitchen. Dark ceilings or wooden panels can be softened with lighting, and can create an interesting focal point.


The reflective and light-bearing qualities of glass make it a must-have for homes looking to boost brightness. Switch wooden doors for glass ones, choose a glass table or counter tops, and add skylights to gloomy rooms.


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