What is the purpose of your living room? Living rooms are generally a place where everyone gathers for conversation or relaxation. Nowadays, it’s also used for reading, watching television, and eating. Regardless of what other rooms exist, this room is the central point of your house. So transform it by using décor to make it a reflection of your own style and personality.

Living room

Be practical

Although a room full of white furniture, rugs, and walls can look amazing (with the right contrasts), it isn’t necessarily practical. Unless you are just that neat, it will be difficult to keep the room pristine. Opt for a style that you can see working well with your lifestyle rather than trying to adapt your lifestyle to the design.

Organize the room

An easy way to transform a room is by reorganizing it. Take a good look at what the room is being used for – playroom, reading, company – and create areas for each purpose. For example, create a book nook for reading by moving the bookshelf there and adding a couple of comfortable chairs in a semicircle. This partially separates it from the rest of the room while still being part of the main room.

Clock in birdcageGet inspired

With all the designer home magazines and editorials available, there are plenty of places to draw inspiration from. Start your project with an idea of what you’d like your living room to become. It’s easy enough to create a similar look that you like with less expensive décor. By starting with an idea, you can begin your remodeling.

Organize the collectibles

While your at it, look at what décor collections you have in the room. Are there photos clustered in areas or do you have a collection of glass bottles spread throughout the room? Organize them on a single display on the wall, rather than all through the room, so it looks less chaotic. Also consider downsizing the number of pieces on display. If the collection is fairly large, only place a portion of it on display and tuck the rest away. You can always rotate it at a later time.

Add splashes of color to the room

Solid colored furniture can appear plain, but is actually perfect for décor. Just by adding a throw blanket and pillows with prints, you can bring the furniture back to life. Don’t stop with the furniture. Various decorations like flower vases, pottery, pictures, and throw rugs can also be used to add color and variety to the room. Try some contrast, but make sure they coordinate with each other as well.

Skate shelving

Go green

Plants are for more than just décor. They produce oxygen and add warmth to the room. Cactus and succulents are low maintenance plants great for well lit room. For rooms that provide less lighting, use coleus or peace lily. Check with your local greenhouse for the best plants for your room.

Repaint the walls and ceiling

Even if you keep the living room as neat as possible, dust and dirt manage to find their ways to your walls and ceiling. You may think they are clean, but they rarely are. Add a fresh coat of white to your ceiling and redo the walls. It immediately transforms the entire room.


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