Moving home is mentally and physically exhausting. There are so many things to think about, including packing, loading, and unloading. As a result, people sometimes feel too overwhelmed to even consider which moving company to go to. This is a dangerous thing to do, however, since there are some rogue companies out there. So how do you make sure you avoid the rogues, without having to spend months finding a company?

Look for an All in One Company

You need to make sure that the company you choose can literally do everything for you. A moving and storage DC company for instance, is unlikely to be a rogue trader. After all, they will need to have not just moving trucks, but also storage facilities. So that is one important aspect to look into. However, good moving companies can do a lot more as well, whether you take advantage of that or not.

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The Different Aspects of a Move

If you thought that moving home was about packing up a few boxes and then unpacking them again in your new home, you were wrong. In fact, it is a highly multifaceted experience that requires a lot more. There is a whole lot of preparation to go through, before getting to the execution phase. And then, there is the finishing parts of it as well. You need to find a company that can cope with all of those elements.

Packing and Unpacking

You may think that packing and unpacking is standard for moving companies, but there are actually a lot of differences between companies. You need to know that you can trust your movers to handle your precious belongings, for starters. This means that you know they use the right materials, store the properly, and use transit procedures that will stop them from breaking.


The vast majority of moving companies don’t actually offer storage facilities. This is a shame, because it is very common for people to need some time between moving out of one home, and moving into their new home. If you find a company that offers both, as stated earlier, you are far more likely to have found a really good quality company. That said, you should still ask how your belongings will be stored.

Consultation and Education

When you choose a moving and storage company, they should be able to properly guide you through the process of moving. They should have many years’ experience in dealing with moving people and their belongings. They will be aware of any and all problems you may encounter, and provide you with lots of hints and tips to avoid problems from happening.

As you can see, there is no need for you to spend hours trawling through hundreds of websites to find a company that you can trust. Rather, you need to find one that offers both moving and storage, of which there are not that many around. Together, you can make your entire move a pleasant experience.


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